Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back from Ayres Rock!

After many years of saying we were going to go to Ayres Rock ("one day")- I can't believe we have actually done it. It was a truly amazing, wonderful trip. We did it in 10 days - 3 days driving there, 3 days visiting and exploring, and 4 days driving back. It was a long way..... My favourite place was Kings Canyon. The views were beautiful and my camera was working overtime!!!

This is the four of us on the very top of Ayres Rock. Mike and the boys did not believe that I would be able to climb it, so they left me behind (on Chicken Rock) and walked off to the top - with all the bottles of water!! I think I surprised myself more than the three of them how determined I was to make it to the top. The views were like nothing I have ever seen before.

In Alice Springs I found the most wonderful little quilt shop - Aboriginal Fabric Gallery ( where I was able to buy some gorgeous fabric to remind me of my trip to the outback. They had a huge range of fabrics - all very Australian and I had a hard time choosing my purchase. I ended up with 9 different 30cm strips which I hope to make into a small quilt showing the gorgeous colours and aboriginal art. I was also able to get an assortment of Australian quilt labels - including one with Uluru on it. I was pretty happy!
Reality has hit big time and we are all back at school, uni and work - dreaming of our next holiday!! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break. XX

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Punch Needle Case

I have just finished Anni Downs' pattern for
a Punch Needle Case to hold the needle and threaders. It was a lot of fun! I am really enjoying punch needle and love the effect you get - it's like a little piece of carpet!! Now I need a case for my sunglasses....

Love the cameo needle too and - thanks to Tereasa B. - have found Clovers embroidery hoop and stand/holder a great help.