Friday, February 26, 2010

Night out at the Comedy Festival

We had such a fun night last Wednesday when we saw Adam Hill doing his stand up comedy. His show was very much an audience participation type of show, totally unscripted and totally impromptu.
So funny - I laughed my head off. If you want to read about the show he has blogged about it here calling it Mess Around: Brisbane night 1. Very nice to see a comedian that doesn't need to swear his head off all night or be disgustingly crude to make a joke, or make people laugh. It was so entertaining and funny. We loved it.
Afterwards we went to our favourite restaurant where our favourite chef (eldest son) cooked us our favourite dinners!!!
I have a few secret presents I am making at the moment, so I can't show any photos.... yet!!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Teresa xx

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BOMs Finished and New.....

I have finished the second block of Jennys quilt "Bouquet". I love these blocks with their little extra details of beads and ribbon roses.
I have decided to add another couple of BOMs to my growing number of projects I've taken on this year. I had no intentions of doing any more but then came along......
And I have this jelly roll just waiting to be made up into a quilt.... so I couldn't say "no"!!!
Moose on the Porch Quilts (Just love that name!) is doing this and it starts March 1st.

I absolutely love the pinwheel block and so I was very excited when I found this:
Rachel, from P. S. I quilt shows you how to make a Sampler Pinwheel quilt and this BOM has just started! If you check out her site and take a look at her quilt you will see why I want to make this. It's amazing!!
This is the first block and her instructions are lovely and easy to follow. Think I am going to really enjoy this one!
Now that's IT.... No more BOM's - I promise!!!
There are just too many gorgeous quilts out there and it is all too tempting.
Hope you are all having a great week!!
Teresa xx

Monday, February 22, 2010

What Makes me Happy no. 8

What makes me happy???
Going to the markets!
Once a month our local school is the site for our Country Markets.I love going (when I remember to go that is!!)
And no visit to the markets is complete without having these to eat....
Dutch pancakes "poffertjes"- yummy!
There wasn't a lot of spending this time, but I did buy these delicious goodies....
Cinnamon almonds, frosted butter macadamias and honey roasted macadamias.
Oh and a cute little glass dish!
Well our little market isn't too bad, but it doesn't compare to the
Salamanca Markets in Hobart, Tasmania.
Last time we were there in Hobart, we were lucky enough to be staying a block away.
So I managed to spend quite a bit of time there.
Now this is one spectacular market that I would go to any chance I could get!!
The happiest part is my sons still love going too and we have a lot of fun
walking around, looking at all the wonderful handmade goodies
- and of course eating! - together.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!

Teresa xx

Friday, February 19, 2010

Crazy Patch Bag

What happens when you make 2 crazy patch panels
with this gorgeous Rouenerries fabric?

Stitch some fancy stitches.....
Put it together with some more lovely fabric squares....
and you have...
a bag!!
of course!!This is a wonderful bag pattern called Crazy Patch Purse by Renee Plains that I got from Homespun & Beautiful.
It's a lot of fun doing the crazy patch and the bag is a great size.

I've photographed it in front of Tereasa's beautiful quilt she finished yesterday
in the same fabric range.
I just love it!
Doesn't it look lovely hanging with all the other beautiful Rouenneries fabrics and quilt?
I am also loving those shell buttons Tereasa gave me to finish off my new bag.
I am very lucky!!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Teresa xx

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wallets, Blocks, BOM's and a Surprise!

I have been playing around with this cute little wallet pattern by Valori Wells
(from my favourite little quilt shop!!).
These have got to be the easiest little wallets ever!!

They were so much fun to make, I almost couldn't stop at 3...
Actually I think I should make a couple more as they would
make lovely little gifts.

Another block finished for my Girls Day Out quilt.

This block has the cutest little bear buttons.....

February block finished for Vicki's Flirting with Flowers Quilt....
(love this block!)

February block finished for Bunny Hills' 'Snowbound' quilt....

These little snowmen patterns are soooo cute...

Now a surprise....
A lovely gift in the mail for me today from Lisa (Cubby House Crafts)... This was such a lovely surprise and I love everything Lisa sent me. A while back I left a comment about her little key decorations saying my favourite was "My home is my haven" - now she has sent it to me, along with a great little fold up bin (very useful!!!) and a gorgeous cushion pattern. Thank you so much Lisa - you have absolutely made my day! This is so generous of you and I really appreciate it!

And finally, I couldn't resist sending you this photo of my wierd cat...
I call it "Squeaky doing the Superman pose"
It is really hot here today and I think she is stretching out to get cool? Maybe?

The heat and humidity we are having at the moment is causing
quite a few storms here.
We've had so much rain, it has caused flooding everywhere.
Nice to have the tanks and dam full though...
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Teresa xx

Monday, February 15, 2010

What Makes me Happy No. 7

What Makes me Happy????
These two furballs........

This is Squeaky......
Fun-loving, happy, affectionate, little shadow.

and this is Cookie.....
All of the above characteristics... but only when it suits her!!!

My husband and I are not 'cat' people... we both grew up with dogs and never had much to do with cats. Then along come these two strays and I couldn't imagine our home without them now!
Nothing is nicer than having a pet that loves you.
Who wants to sit on your lap (and your sewing) when you are making something.
Who wants to sit on your keyboard and set the printer off when you are working on the computer.
Who wants to sleep under the covers with you when it's cold at night.
Who waits patiently at the door, waiting for you to come inside and have a cuddle.
Who's happy to see you the second you open your eyes in the morning.
Who misses you when you go out for the day.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday.

Teresa xx

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Flower

I just had to share this with you... Last night I had to work so I didn't get to see what my 15 year old son was up to. This morning I took him to school as usual and as we literally pulled up at the gate, he pulls this beauty out and says "see what I made last night?"
I just love it and couldn't believe he'd made it. He googled 'Mexican Paper Flowers' and found quite a few sites. It's supposed to be made with crepe paper, but I think it is so stunning in coloured paper.

I wonder who is going to receive this lovely flower today?
What a sweetie!! Who knew???

Happy Valentines Day for Sunday everyone!!!

Teresa xx

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Finds and Some Finishes...

The Finds:
Last Friday my husband and I went to the Toowoomba Swap Meet. I don't go every year as searching through car parts is hard work, but this year it paid off! I found a few lovely Carlton Ware pieces - at a nice price for a change! I really love the little peach dish - it's my favourite find.

I've also found this wonderful site that prints off all your blog posts and photos. This book holds everything I posted for last year and I just love going back through it and remembering the year. If you are interested in printing your blog posts you will find the blog book site here. This is definitely my kind of diary!!!

Now the finishes:
I am in an on line group (Friends in Stitching) and last year for my birthday I received this lovely stitchery. I have finally finished it and made it up into a block keeper.

Also in this group we are doing a block of the month - so I've decided to keep all those blocks nice and safe until the end of the year in this keeper.. these are the blocks we've done so far...

I've made another dolphin for a friend of my brothers. They've just had a baby, and my brother asked me if I would make the baby a dolphin. I was very happy to be asked to make something for him! This is my fourth dolphin and I still love making them, especially in the gorgeous bright colours of Amy Butler.

More baby things.... These lovely panels have come into my favourite quilt shop and I've made a couple of the things that you can make with them for Tereasa.

Cute baby bag and a baby block softie.. Love the colours in this range and there are lots of nice and easy things to make with these panels.

We've had lots of rain here and the dam and water tank are full - such a nice feeling - so I am washing like mad today to get that mountain of washing under control.
I hope you are all having a great week and achieving heaps!!
Teresa xx

Monday, February 8, 2010

What Makes me Happy No. 6

What makes me happy?? My Nannas beautiful old sewing machine!!!
My Nanna bought this machine on April 19th, 1950 - I know because I still have the original Letter of Purchase! So it's nearly 60 years old and it has had a wonderful, very full, productive life.

My Nanna worked for years making curtains on this machine for a local furniture shop. As well, she was a dressmaker in a home business, and still made her own dresses right up until a couple of years ago. (She loved making her own dresses, because she couldn't buy anything with big enough pockets in them! Her dresses always had huge pockets!)
I was so proud when my family decided my Nannas most treasured item would be passed on to me. Having her machine and all her sewing things around me makes me very happy - especially when I miss her so much. It makes me happy to remember my Nan every time I look at them.

Hope you are all having a wonderful, happy day!

Teresa xx

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some Finishes for February

I have always wanted to make something for Valentines Day and I found this great tutorial to make the above heart block here. It's a little like my string blocks, only with this block, you make all the blocks in one go. Cut them to make squares and turn them around, then add the white corners. It was lovely and easy and I am really happy with the way it turned out.

I have this little quilt hanger in my hallway and I usually have the same quilt hanging on it. Now I am going to try and make enough quilts for the seasons and holidays to be able to change it around throughout the year. Well at least I've made a start.... February!

With this table runner I was able to mark 2 things off my list... 1 - Make something for my sister-in-laws birthday and 2 - Finish a project for Stephanies String block challenge. You know how much I love these blocks, and as my sil loves coffee, I thought I would make this for her in coffee and cream colours. I am really happy with it and think I may make another....

This is the first block in Jenny's free BOM - "Bouquet". I was so determined to make this quilt this year that I made myself an ultimatum...make it before the 2nd block comes out or I can't make the quilt at all. I really work well under pressure!

This is the 2nd block in my on line groups BOM and it is the Georgia Block. I am so glad I decided to make this quilt in the Rouenneries fabrics. I just love them.
So far a good start to the month!
Hope you are all having a wonderful, creative week!

Teresa xx

Monday, February 1, 2010

What Makes me Happy? No. 5

What Makes Me Happy????
Tuesdays!!Tuesday is the day I get together with my best friends at my favourite little Quilt Shop, Homespun and Beautiful.
This is the day of the week, where we laugh, share stories and jokes, stitch, sew, create, solve all the problems of the world, (forget all the problems of the world), catch up on the latest news, eat yummy food and

did I mention LAUGH?

BEST day of the week!

Teresa xx