Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last day for Opam and Early Christmas presents.

I am not having much fun with my computer today... and it is not playing nicely at all. I wanted to show you some more Christmas presents and decorations I've been able to finish this month, and it's working soooooo slowly!
Firstly, these are paper-pieced santas that I found the directions for last Christmas. I loved them so much, and seeing as I gave away all the ones I made last time, I've made another 9! I know, it's a strange number to make, but that's how many I ended up with! You will find the instructions here!
I've also made another Melly and Me dolphin for a new baby in our family. Love this pattern and I love them made in the Amy Butler fabric range.

I've also made this great little fold out shopping bag.
I wanted a fold up shopping bag to take on a shopping day with the girls and found this free pattern.
I've changed it slightly... I put the outside flap up the other way on the bag, so it can also be a pocket when the bag is unfolded. I also made the pocket with 2 pieces of fabric and omitted the piping edge that was around the entire pocket.
I also made this little purse for Amanda. She sent me some gorgeous little stitcheries that she has done and said I could do "something" with them. I love this little zippered purse pattern, I've used it a few times now, and it is very versatile.
Amanda sent me some fabrics and I've made them up for her into a U-shaped pillow for her heat pack and a cover for her laptop. Love the fabrics she chose!
These are the stitcheries she sent me. Aren't they gorgeous! The stitching is so tiny and perfect.
And don't you just love the little brooch she made? Very clever!
Phew! I thought I'd never get this post done.. you wouldn't believe how long it's taken!
I hope you are all having a wonderful, creative week!
Teresa xx

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesdays Treasures

Whoa.... nearly too late to play along with Clare with Tuesdays Treasures.
These are some very old Golden Books I've had since I was little. The bigger books have A Big Golden Book written on the bottom right hand corner!!
These were my favourites and as you can see, are very worn out from lots of readings over and over again.
The books were given to my sister and I from my Mums boss in 1966. Her children had outgrown them, so the books are older than that.

Peter Pan has 1964 written on the front page and a copyright date of 1952 printed inside the cover. This book has always been my absolute favourite. You can see that sticky tape is the only thing holding this book together now!
I just love books and these were read to my boys over and over again when they were little - just as my Mum read to my sister and I many years ago!
Thanks for reading my treasures post today... I am off to Clares to see who else is playing!
Teresa xx

Monday, September 27, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Week No. 39

Soooo many things making me happy this week. I started off with one thing to talk about today, and it has just kept growing... so please forgive the heavy photo post!!!
First of all, what's making me happy is where we live. Yesterday we went for another loooong drive in the car. We drove to Nanango, about 3 hours from home. The countryside is just beautiful. They have had a lot of rain and everywhere it is green! But I love the scenery all the way, the mountains, the trees, the farming land... and Wivenhoe Dam... It's all so beautiful.
Just look at the gorgeous reflection in the still waters of Wivenhoe!
On the way up we stopped at Esk, another beautiful little country town. I've always heard great things about the Antiques shop in Esk, and now I know why! If you are ever passing through or going to Esk, you MUST stop at this shop. It's HUGE and there is just so much to look at and go through!
And of course, I found SOMETHING to take home and put in amongst the others!

Another thing making me happy this week, is how much I love other peoples art and passion for what they do. We were very lucky to see the Swell Sculpture Festival at Currumbin, on the Gold Coast last weekend.
There were over 50 sculptures made of anything and absolutely everything! They went for a kilometre along the beach, some in the sand, some in the grass. They were AMAZING! I've only shown you 3 photos here, but I took a LOT more than that!!!
I must thank Amanda too! The day we were here, we couldn't find where the statues were! No one knew what we were talking about and the Information centre was closed. So I text Amanda (who lives in Rockhampton!!!) and she googled some info for me! Next thing I get a text back, with all the details we needed to find the statues... ha ha... Got to love technology and friends at home near a computer!!!
I also went to see this! The Cuban Ballet Company came to Brisbane and performed Don Quixote. It was wonderful! The dancers were beautiful and I loved every second of it. We went on opening night, so were lucky to see the Principal dancers perform, which was a definate highlight!
On the way home I took a photo of our Treasury Casino building all lit up in red lights. It looked fantastic! I love the city at night with all the lights!

Okay nearly finished.....
Whilst looking for photos for this post on the computer I found these two pictures. All my photos come up in date order, regardless of the year. These photos were taken on this day, exactly one year ago.

Me and my two boys. I love these photos and this was a very happy day for us..
It's still making me smile a year on.
I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday too!
Teresa xx

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christmas Decorations and Owls!

I am getting so far behind in reading everyone's blogs and replying to comments...please forgive me! It's school holidays here, and Jack is definately hi-Jack-ing my computer. I had to bribe him to get off long enough for me to write up a post today.
I have been Christmas crafting and thought I would make this Advent Calendar that I bought last Christmas!!! This is Santa, before the count down to Christmas starts.....
This is after... Sorry the photo is a little washed out!
The decorations are so lovely. Each one is bonded to heavy black felt and each day of December they are hung on the little red 'berry' buttons on the tree.
On the back of the quilt I made a pocket for all the decorations to be stored in
Remember this little basket I embroidered a few weeks back? Well I have made two more of the decorations in this set...
This is a little embroidered Christmas cone with beads all around the top.
Plus another little basket.. this one with gorgeous lace and tassels.
They are all part of a Christmas decorations pattern from Faeries in my Garden. I just have two more small embroidered decorations to make and the set is complete.
Another little side track.... I saw these cute little owls on Roz's blog a while back and I couldn't resist making them. One grew into four and I had a bit of trouble stopping at four! They are so much fun to make and you can find the tutorial here.
These will be finding themselves in some Christmas stockings I think!
I have also completed one of the side walls of my Needlewomans Cottage also by Faeries in my Garden.
One more side wall, the roof and gables and it will be time to put it all together!
Today I have been working on some more Christmas decorations and I hope to show you them finished very soon. I have also been working on some Christmas presents for swaps I am in, so unfortunately I can't show you any of these in case my partner sees them. Got to keep them secret!
Okay, I think I have held Jack off long enough!
Hope you are all having a wonderful, productive, creative week!
Teresa xx

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesdays Treasures

Tuesday again and this week I wanted to show you my very treasured Masterpieces!
I still have some of my sons paintings and drawings from when they were in Pre school and Primary school. These two are favourites and I have put them in little frames.
This little bird is by my youngest son when he was 5 years old. I love the cute smiley face he's given him!!!
This little apple was painted by my oldest son when he was 9 years old. He's used an actual apple and leaf to make it, and he also crackle painted the frame.
I just love them...
Now this has made me want to dig out the other pictures and have a look again at the other masterpieces they've brought home over the years.
Pop over to Clare's and see who else is playing Tuesdays Treasures today!
Teresa xx

Monday, September 20, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Week No. 38


Whoo Hoo it's School Holidays for 2 weeks.....
Makes me very happy.
Sleeping in....
no school lunches....
no mad chaos of getting ready for school.....
staying in your pyjamas all day.....
Eating breakfast at 10.30 a.m.....
watching DVD's.....
Spending quality time with my kids!

And this is only the first day!!!!!!

Hope you are having an AWESOME Monday!

Teresa xx

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Great Day and Finally Some Finishes.....

Today I was very lucky to spend the day with my eldest son. We went to our favourite place, Paddington, and spent the day checking out the shops, cafes and antique dealers.
We also found this park with the most gorgeous, huge tree in it.How cool is this lounge. It looks like a soft, comfy chair, but is actually a mosiac piece with thousands of little tiles. (It was still comfy surprisingly!). Check out the sweet little church across the road.
This is the "quilt" hanging over the back. The lounge also has the most wonderful view all the way to the city.
Of course we visited the Chocolate Shop and I bought this yummy chocolate spoon (complete with marshmallow) to put in a mug of hot milk. My youngest son tested it out the second I got home and said it was delicious. The block is orange and almond chocolate, and I have so far resisted it.... but not for long.
I found this lovely little dish in an antique shop. It is from around the 1950's. So sweet, I couldn't leave it behind. You can't tell in the photos, but the little branch over the top of the dish with the flower on it, is actually a handle.
Finally I can show you some finishes for September.
It seems everything I am making this month is being sent off to someone and I have to wait for the recipient to receive them before I can show you what I've made.
This is what I sent to Anita (my Paper Bag swap partner).... a ring binder cover for her knitting patterns, a little sewing case that holds your scissors and needles, a glasses case, some hanging hearts with lavender inside and a little zippered bag.

This little bag was a lot of fun to make and very easy. I can see myself making more of these, as there are lots of options for the decoration on the front.
I found it here on Kristines blog and she emailed me the PDF.
Hopefully after the weekend I will have some more to show you.
Woo Hoo... it is now school holidays here for 2 weeks...
Hope you all have a wonderful, productive, creative weekend!!!
Teresa xx