Monday, May 31, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Week No. 22

The simple things.....
The gorgeous colours in my garden right now.....
The wattle trees are flowering and are everywhere.....

This beautiful set that was my Nans......
A wonderful find at my local antique shop.....
Fresh, hot pikelets with jam and cream.....
Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!!!
Teresa xx

Thursday, May 27, 2010

May Update....

Look Out! My youngest son has his Learners Licence!!! Why is teaching the youngest one scarier than teacher my older son? Is it because this one is the 'baby'???
He is very happy though!
Keeping up to date with this months blocks...
"Girls Day Out"... getting close to the end of this one!
Bunny Hills "Snowbound"....
...and all the blocks so far.....
Jennys "Bouquet".....
....and all the blocks for this quilt so far.....
And finally, this months block for my online group Friends in Stitching.....

Phew.... I've still got my jelly roll block to finish this week.
The weather is lovely and cool today, so I may get a chance to sew it a bit later on.
Hope you are all having a wonderful, productive week!
Teresa xx

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just in Time for Winter

This is my new quilt.... It's made in gorgeous, snugly flannel and full of roses. I already have two flannel quilts, they hang, folded over our lounge chair. Every night they disappear into the boys rooms, so I thought it was about time I made myself a snugly quilt to wrap around me!
Judith of Creative Studio has a brilliant idea to get us all motivated into making things for Christmas early in the year... It starts 1st of June, so hop on over to Judiths blog to see how you can start those Christmas presents early, instead of the week before Christmas!!
Every year I tell myself I am going to start making gifts for Christmas EARLY in the year, so this is just the inspiration I needed.

This is my Early Bird Christmas Crafting Journal...
all finished and ready to go.....Can't wait to get started!
I love the Santa and reindeer buttons and I was looking for a project to put them on!
I purchased them from Mothers Cupboard.

Last week we found this great (free) philly cheese cookbook at Woollies. It's full of wonderful recipes. As my youngest son is very fond of Oreo biscuits...this is the first recipe we tried...
Oreo Cookies and Cream Cheesecake!!!
It was sooooo goood!!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!
Teresa xx

Monday, May 24, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Week No. 21

Anything French/Paris inspired......
Those who know me, know how much I love anything French... I was very lucky this week to receive these 2 beautiful hand drawn and coloured pictures ......
of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.....
from a very good friend of mine's daughter, who has just come home from a trip to Europe.
Around my house you will see lots of things that remind me of Paris and our trip there.
I keep hoping I get the chance to go back again one day......
I just love the pictures I was given and think they were such a thoughtful gift.
Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!!
Teresa xx

Monday, May 17, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Week No. 20

There are a few things making me happy today. Firstly I have been battling a migraine for the last 2 days, so waking up today with it almost gone, definitely is making me happy!
Secondly I am loving the cooler weather. Autumn is gorgeous here. Lovely cool nights and glorious days. The trees on the way to school are changing and the colours are beautiful.
I am very happy to pull out the flanelette pyjamas and ugg boots! All the beds in the house have an extra blanket on them now and we've started shutting the windows at night.
Thirdly I am very happy with the new banner my eldest son made for my blog
- Thank you James xxxx
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!
Teresa xx

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pinwheel Quilt and some more Blocks

My pinwheel sampler quilt is now all together and just needs to be quilted. I am wondering about adding a border, just to make it a little bigger.
Then the big question......
How should I quilt it?
Why does my cat always come and sit on my quilts when I have the camera out???
This block is for the Jelly Roll BOM I am working on.
These are all the blocks so far.....
I love how different these blocks have been.
These stitcheries are for this months Gardners Journal quilt-a-long.
Which I put together yesterday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, productive weekend!
Teresa xx

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Finishes

Now that my mum has received her Mothers Day present I can show you what I made for her..

My mum loves butterflies and the colour purple. So when I found this fabric I knew I had to make her something with it. I only had 2 fat 1/4s and a piece of gorgeous purple batik fabric. I've made a cover for her laptop and one of my stationery folders.
The fabric is absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't (no matter how hard I tried) get a photo that showed the true deep purple that it was.
Below is this months block for my online group Friends in Stitching. This was the most difficult block to make so far, as the block has set in seams - which I have never done before. After a few bouts of unpicking (and some swearing!) I managed to finish the block and feel quite pleased that it didn't get the better of me.

These are the blocks so far for this quilt, all made in the Rouenneries fabric range....
I have also finished this months block of Vicki's Flirting with Flowers....
These are all five blocks so far for this quilt. I have used mostly fabrics from the William Morris range.
Hope you are all having a wonderful, productive week!
Teresa xx

Monday, May 10, 2010

What Makes me Happy Week No. 19

What Makes me happy?
Being a MUM!!!
I love being a mum! Especially as I have 2 wonderful sons (not at all bias he he!!)
The above pictures are of a Mothers Day Journal I made in 2007.
I love the quote inside:

With boys you always know where you stand....
right in the path of a hurricane.
(Emma Sombeck)

How true... but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Yesterday I was treated to a wonderful Mothers Day.
It didn't start off too great......
I worked until 4.30 am and left work only to find my car with a flat battery!
Finally arrived home at 5.30 am and thought I would be able to sleep in (after all it was Mothers Day). 2 hours later I was woken by son No. 1 telling me he needed a lift to work - we had half an hour before we had to leave. After driving an hour and a half round trip, I was back home!!!
I guess it's all part of being a mum!!!
Look at the wonderful things I received!!! Photos taken with my eldest sons funky new cameras with multiple lenses.... fluffy socks, chocolates, DVD and gorgeous bracelet from youngest son. The kicker here is that my youngest son spent his birthday money that he received the weekend before, on my present. It was just too special for words!!
Today I got to spend the day with James as he had a doctors appointment, so no Uni today. How yummy does my lunch look that he made?
Bruschetta and ice coffees!!!
My boys make my heart swell!
I love being a mum!
Here are another couple of quotes that stop and make you think.....
What every child is looking for is to know
"Do your eyes light up when I walk into the room?"
- Opray Winfrey
A Mothers love is a special place where children always have a home.
- Unknown
Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!
Teresa xx