Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesdays Treasures

This weeks treasures all fit into this unassuming tin.......
It is full of games and puzzles that my Dad handmade for me when I was in my teens.
Every piece is handmade, painted or varnished....
... with the "How to Play" instructions neatly typed up on Mums typewriter.
This is my favourite puzzle Dad made.... I just love the shape of the chicken. You have to work out how to separate the pieces and then get them back together.
Even my sons still get the tin out every now and then, to see if they can remember how to solve the puzzles and to play the games.
I just love my tin of puzzles from my Dad.
I am off to Clares to check out some more Tuesdays Treasures....
Hope you are all having a wonderful week!
Teresa xx

Monday, August 30, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Week No. 35

I have just spent the last 4 days on a quilt retreat on the gorgeous Mt Tamborine.
Over 3o wonderful women were there with me.
I spent 4 days meeting the most amazing, inspiring, genuine, crazy women ever!!!
I had someone else cook all my meals for me, morning, noon and night.
I sewed all day, every day and finished UFO's and caught up with BOM's.
I went for walks on the mountain, in the fresh air, with beautiful old trees and glorious views.
I laughed so many times, my stomach muscles got a GREAT workout!
and best of all...
I got to share this with my best friends!
On the first day we had lunch up on the Mountain before going to the retreat. We also did a little shopping at the Lavender Farm..... some lavender (of course), some glass nail files and some chocolate-filled lavender lollies.
I also bought these wonderful vintage Paris tin labels from another shop on Gallery Walk.
At the retreat the machines hardly ever stopped.
My first finish was the last block in the Jelly Roll sampler quilt.
Then I put it all together.
This is Tereasa's cute little bunny she made...waiting patiently for his eyes!!!
My second finish was putting my Flirting With Flowers quilt together. I am so happy with the William Morris fabric I decided to go with.
My next finish was the first block in Lynette Andersons BOM. I finished the stitchery...
...put the borders on and finished the applique.
I also made a start on some of my Gardeners Journal stitcheries.
This wonderful tawny frog mouth owl (and his partner was nearby) was just outside our shower block. This photo is especially for you Amanda xx
We saw a few more of these guys on our walk.
This was our set up and you can see how close we were to the kitchen... so when meals were called, we were usually first up to eat!
I made a couple of purchases at the retreat as well. These were made by one of the ladies there. The cute little bag in red and purple was the perfect size for my jewellery and is a great souvenir of the red and purple retreat.
The scissor keep was so beautiful. It is completely covered, front and back, in the most exquisite embroidery.
We also received some wonderful keepsakes and gifts. A tissue box cover, a fat 1/4 (in purple of course) and my name badge.
What a wonderful group of women. Some of them have been going to these "camps" for years, but even though it was my first, I was made to feel very much a part of their group from the second I got there.
Saturday night was dress up night (and let-your-hair-down night) and as the theme was Red Hatters... the girls really went all out.
I have never laughed so much either.
Thanks so much to everyone who made this retreat such a wonderful experience.
Happy Monday to you all!
Teresa XX

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Opam and Early Bird Christmas Gifts Update....

This months challenge for the Early Bird Christmas Gifts was to make a keepsake, using hearts. Although my present isn't a "keepsake".... I have used plenty of hearts.I have been wanting to make these placemats and coasters for ages. I bought the crochet hearts and they have been patiently waiting in my UFO basket for the day I would start and finish this project.
Judiths challenge of using hearts this month reminded me of this project and I am very happy that I finally made them.

This weekend I am heading off on a quilt retreat for four days. This is only my second retreat, and I haven't been to this one, so I am very excited and looking forward to it.
The retreat has the Red Hatters theme and our challenge was to make a placemat.....
This is mine.
I have painted my little Red Hat lady and embroidered the words. Of course we had to use red and purple to make it.

And lastly this is a binder cover I made for my Mum. I have used another one of my Aunts paintings that has been shrunk in size and copied on to canvas. Unfortunately the colours in the photo don't do it justice. The flowers in the vase are bright orange and yellow.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I hope next week I can show you lots of things that I achieved at the retreat!!!!
Well that's the plan anyway!
Teresa xx

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesdays Treasures

This week I wanted to show you my locket that my Grandmother gave to me when I was very young. It would have to be nearly 40 years old and when I was younger, I would wear it all the time.Inside has always been two little black and white photos. One of myself and one of my younger sister.
If you want to see more treasures or join in the fun and reveal your own treasures, then pop over to Clare's blog and join in.
Hope you are all having a wonderful day....
I am off to see everyone else's treasures.
Teresa xx

Monday, August 23, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Week No. 34

What is making me happy this week?
Being so much more ready for Christmas this year, than any other year!!
Joining Judiths Early Bird Christmas Challenge has inspired me to be ready this year, as well as be able to give more handmade Christmas presents than ever before.

Christmas decorations, soft toys, table runners, bags, purses, eye masks,

wallets, remote control holders, book marks, sunglass holders,
gift card holders, oven mitts, stationery folders.....
And Santa is watching over it all!!!
Every other year I have left it all to the last minute, which means bought Christmas presents usually. I still have quite a few presents to make, but I have time and I'm sure I will get to them.
Thanks so much to Judith of Creative Studio for such a brilliant idea!
Crossing family and friends off my Christmas presents list is such a great feeling.
Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!
Teresa xx

Friday, August 20, 2010

Still Playing with the Gift Card Holders.....

After yesterdays post on making the Gift Card Holders for more Early Bird Christmas presents....
I decided to play around and make them more Christmassy.
This is what I did.....
Following the instructions from here make your card, but in a plain green colour this time. I've chosen traditional Christmas colours of green and red for these holders. Cut another piece of paper in red, slightly smaller than the front of the card holder. In the green paper, cut 2 holly leaf shapes, and score down each centre and fold slightly.
Ink the edges of the holly leaves and the red paper.
Place a piece of double sided tape on one side of each leaf, near the scored centre.
Stick the leaves down and bend the other half up slightly to give them some shape. Stick the red piece of paper in the centre of the front of the card holder.
Glue 3 small red buttons near the join for the berries.
Punch a hole through the centre at the opening and thread some ribbon through.
Ta Daaaaa!!!
Now they are ready to fill with money, movie tickets, gift cards....
Whatever you like!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Early Bird Christmas Challenge and more...

More Early Bird Christmas goodies....
Today I've made some cute little cards to hold money, or movie tickets or gift cards....These are usually teenager Christmas presents, as they are so hard to buy for. This was one of the ideas Judith posted for us this month as part of the Early Bird Christmas Challenge. You will find the instructions here. They were nice and quick to make up. I've made a couple of pretty girly ones, and a couple of funky/bright ones.
You can see how they open up and will hold quite a bit.
This one I've actually sewn on my sewing machine to join two different pieces of paper together, so the back is different to the front.
I've also been working on Judiths challenge this month which is a keepsake using hearts. Mine isn't quite a 'keepsake'.... but I have used plenty of hearts and I am really happy with the way it is turning out. Here is a sneak peek.....
I am also in another "Paper Bag" challenge with Anita. This is what I am working with for Anita and I hope to come up with some good ideas soon. More on this one later.....
Hope you are all having a wonderful, productive day!
Teresa xx