Saturday, April 30, 2011


Okay... who else got caught up with all the pomp and ceremony last night????
I did get a fair bit of stitching done though.....
And it was wonderful to watch.
I hope they have a long and happy marriage.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Finishes for April

Remember those funny little ears and funky boardshorts that I made back HERE... well this is what they turned into! Not 1, but 2 Magoo's. This is a Melly and Me pattern.
Magoo No. 1 is a sample for Tereasa's shop (and you can see what she made HERE)...but I couldn't resist and just had to make.....Magoo No. 2. This one is for Jack's birthday next week. In case you're wondering if a cute little softie like this is really suitable for a boy on his 17th Birthday....
This is what he bought for himself a couple of weeks ago at Dreamworld...
Yep a tiger softie (you can just see it sitting on his lap) and a tiger hat!!!
So I'm hoping he will like his Magoo!
Couldn't resist this photo of Magoo lounging around the shop! he he
I've also made 2 more steering wheel covers. The above is for a friend.
And this one I just LOVE...
You know sometimes you buy a piece of fabric that you just HAVE TO HAVE... you have no idea what you are going to make with it at the time, but you just know you can't pass it up. Well I bought this fabric ages ago and it has been sitting in my stash just waiting for the perfect project. I knew as soon as I re found it that it was perfect for this...

I've also finished this months blocks for the Tis The Season Stitch Along.
Woo hoo.... It's been very hard this month to find time to sew!
I still have a baby quilt to finish... maybe this weekend??? If I don't get to it soon she won't be a baby any longer!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get to do what you love!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

This week I am letting one of my fabric (not fur) teddys go to Melodys Picnic, and she is taking her friend (the "button head" doll) with her.
I originally made this teddy for a friend of mine and loved it so much, I decided to make one for myself. She's made out of a lovely damask fabric with roses all over it. Lots of lace and doileys are used on the body pieces as well.
She also has some lovely lace made into a collar and a gorgeous Cameo brooch that belonged to my Grandmother.
She sits on my dressing table and holds all my bangles on her arms (that is when she's not going out on picnics!!!)
My little "button head" doll is one that I made in Tereasa's shop a few years back when we used to get together each week and make dolls.
I just love her and out of all my dolls that I've made over the years, she is my absolute favourite. She is bringing along her own little teddy to the picnic.
Our photo shoot (he he) was taken at the shop today as I had to help out there for a couple of hours.... and luckily.... we found some chocolates in Tereasa's fridge! Woo hoo.... they're also going to the picnic.
I am off to see who else is coming to Melody's Teddy Bears Picnic.
I hope to see you there!
Have a great day!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesdays Treasures

Today I made the trip to Redcliffe to spend the day with my Mum. The weather wasn't the best there today and it rained on and off and of course it was windy!
We had a lovely seafood lunch... it wouldn't be the same without a food photo he he!!
After a lovely drive and walk around the waterfront we decided to visit the Redcliffe Museum... something I haven't done before. Redcliffe is very special to me and is where I grew up and spent my early childhood. Many of my family still live there.
So today, my treasures are my wonderful memories I have of Redcliffe and the Museum really helped bring them back.
I don't know how many times Mum and I said "I remember having that!"
The displays were fantastic and there was even a replica of the old Pier Theatre where we sat and watched old black and white movies of the old days of Redcliffe and Humpybong, the old Hornibrook Bridge, Suttons Beach, Margate... oh it was wonderful.
March 1954!
On display there at the moment are these absolutely amazing quilts (how fortunate!!!).
They are made by the Reddy Arts Textile Group... an amazing group of women based in Redcliffe.
Their quilts were simply masterpieces!
There isn't just fabric in these...they've even used pieces of metal to show the wreckage of the Gayundah Shipwreck off the coast of Redcliffe at Woody Point.
I could have stared at these amazing pieces for hours. So much work and creativity in them!
Lots of treasures today, and Memories being the most special....
Spending the day with Mum and my youngest son... more treasures.
I am going to see who else is playing today over at Melodys!
Hope you are having a wonderful week.

Monday, April 25, 2011

What Makes me Happy 25/4/2011

It was wonderful to make the trip into the city today for Anzac Day. It always astounds me the number of people who come in for the parade and who take the time to remember our soldiers.

After the morning parade and visits to the Anzac memorials, we walked back over the Brisbane River to the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) and spent the rest of the day enjoying the exhibition - Art in the 21st Century.
I'm very happy to have made it there today as my youngest son hasn't been and it finishes tomorrow. I loved it the first time I went with my eldest son and I really didn't want Jack to miss out.
It was so much fun!The wish ribbons were a hit!
Mine today said "I wish to be happy".... perfect!
Beautiful photos and postcards.....
to send home to ourselves!
Then we walked over to Southbank where they are preparing for Buddha's birthday next weekend. There were hundreds and hundreds of red paper lanterns.
Another great day, exhausting but wonderful - I just love our beautiful city.
"A child that goes to bed, tired from play.... is a happy child" - that goes for adults too!!!!
Hope you have all had a Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Byron Bay

Well we've had a small change of plans...
We were going to drive the 10 hour trip to Sydney to see my husbands family and stay for Easter...
But due to hubbys work commitments (and a million things I have to do...) we decided we just couldn't disappear for 5 days. The work load we would have come home to was going to be ridiculous.
So to make ourselves feel a little better...
We took off on a smaller road trip to Byron Bay.
The weather was perfect, the place was magic and the views were incredible.
Just look at the colour of the water. We could see 2 huge stingrays swimming around in the water below.
Cape Byron is the most easterly point of Australia.
And of course there was lovely fresh fish and seafood for dinner....
I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter and were able to spend some time with the people you love!
Now I have some serious catching up to do with emails and blogs!