Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some (little) Finishes for June

Finally I can show you some things I've made this month. The above is a journal cover I made for my Mum. She loves this fabric and I've made her a few things in it. I still have a bit left over.... I will have to think of something else to make with it....
I have used a lace butterfly to decorate the front.
I've also been making these clever cross over fabric drink coasters.
They make great coasters...
...especially for wine glasses.
And lastly I wanted to make a little purse, about envelope size, to put some precious letters into.
This is what I came up with. I love the lace and the old button. This lead to more, slightly larger purses. I will be able to use them for gift giving....

I've used gorgeous floral fabrics, tea-dyed lace, old doilies and antique buttons.
Lots of fun to make for me.....
and Squeaky got into the fun of playing with the buttons as well!!!!
Hope you're having a great week!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesdays Treasures

Today's treasure is this gorgeous Christening Gown. My Mother-in-Law made it for our first born baby boy.
It is a gorgeous soft coffee colour and the detail is just lovely.

It is beautifully made and has a lovely soft cotton petticoat underneath, just as beautifully made.
Both boys wore it on their Christening Day, James in 1991 and Jack in 1994.
Please excuse the bad photos (above and below) as my scanner has decided not to work today!
The above photo is of James.....20 years ago!
and this is Jack, 3 years later. Same lovely little Church, same gorgeous Christening gown.
I am off to Melody's to see who else is sharing their Treasures today.
Have a great day!

Monday, June 27, 2011

What Makes Me Happy 27.6.2011

Making me happy today is spending time every week with my crazy stitching buddies.
Last week, the gorgeous Helen (aka the Be Happy Fairy) proclaimed Tuesday "Be Happy" Day.
She went to sooooo much trouble.....
There were games to be played!
Magic paintings to be discovered!
Delicious cake and goodies to eat...
Non - alcoholic wine (of course!)
It was a great day and I can't believe how much fun we all had. I've never seen a bunch of grown women act like little kids and enjoy themselves so much!!!
It was EXACTLY what we needed!!
Thanks so much Helen!!
Happy Monday!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic and a big Thank You!

Today I have two, tiny little teddies going to Melodys Teddy Bears Picnic. They are both wool felted bears that I made a while ago. The little yellow one was my first attempt. He is very tiny and I really enjoyed making him.
You can see how small he is... he's sitting inside a tea strainer.
My second attempt resulted in this little purple guy. It took me ages to felt his fat little tummy.
I had forgotten all about them and I haven't done any more wool felting in ages.
It was a nice surprise when I did find them, as I have kept them in this box and inside was a needle case that I had made and painted and completely forgotten about.
This one has a little rosebud on it, but I used to love painting tiny roses onto calico and then I would make them up into purses and needle cases. I must get my paints out again.
I would like to thank all the lovely bloggers out there who left lovely comments on my last post. It was nice to know so many of you understood what I was going through and it really helped to get your messages. I did eventually get that phone call that gave me a big sigh of relief and James is settling in well to his new job and apartment. Big hugs to you special bloggers... I thank you from the bottom of my heart xx
I would also like to thank the gorgeous Peg who sent me my wonderful present from last months Opam. I was blown away with this special, thoughtful gift and it couldn't have come at a better time. I haven't read this novel of Jennifer Chiaverini's, but I have read one of her others and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The fabrics are just beautiful... and exactly "Me". The parcel was even wrapped in a 5th piece of gorgeous fabric. I am very lucky (and spoilt!!)
Thank you so much xxxxx
Well I am going to pop over to Melody's and see who else is going on the picnic today. It's a gorgeous winter day here and the sun is shining... great day for a picnic.

Monday, June 20, 2011

What Makes Me Happy 20.6,11

Well I am finding it very difficult today to have something happy to share!!!
First time in 18 months of Happy Monday posts!!!
Today my eldest son left for work in Perisher (Snow fields in NSW) for 4 months. I am going to miss him terribly.
I am worried too about him driving the 16 hours to get there. I am really looking forward to hearing from him tonight when he gets to his Aunts house after driving nearly 11 hours today. Then he will drive the rest of the way tomorrow.
Although I am going to miss him and worry about him....
I have to be happy for the chance he is getting to work in such a fun, exciting place. This is something he has wanted to do for ages and missed out on last year. He was quick with his resume this year, and got the job.
I am also very grateful for the wonderful past 3 days as he came home and I was able to spend that time with him, packing and preparing for his trip. It was really lovely to have that time together, busy as we were. Talking, laughing, organising so many things, crossing off all those things on his To Do List, finding warm clothes, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, sitting up late chatting, listening to our favourite music.....
I can't wait to catch up with him again and I hope it's SOON!!!
Stay safe James....
enjoy every second!!!!
I love you xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hope you are having a Happy Monday!!! (Sniff, Sniff!!!)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesdays Treasures

Todays treasure is something my Dad made for me, many years ago. It's my little wooden apple basket. The stickers have turned yellow from age, but that's the only give away that the basket is so old.
My Dad is very clever with his hands and has always made things. I think he could just about make anything if you asked him to. The basket is perfectly made.
He also made these 2 shelves. I have one in my bedroom and one in the kitchen. They must be getting on in age too, as I seem to remember them being in my house forever.
The best thing he's ever made though, (in my opinion), is the wonderful cubby house he made for my sister and I for Christmas, 1970.
Excuse the bad photo, but I had to scan the picture from my art journal. You can see my sister and I in our Sunday best clothes, standing in front of our gorgeous cubby house. Dad painted lots of characters around the house, including Donald Duck, Snow White (and all the dwarfs), Fred and Barney, Huckleberry Hound, Daffy Duck... the house was covered in his art work. I remember the roof was painted with fake shingles and bright red. Inside there were shelves on the walls, and we even had proper windows with lovely lacey curtains that Mum had made.
Oh I loved that cubby!
Nice to take a trip down Memory Lane this week... thanks to Melody hosting Tuesdays Treasures, once again. I'm off to see who else is sharing today.....

Monday, June 13, 2011

What Makes Me Happy 13.6.2011

What's making me happy this week.....
You know those unplanned days... those times when you have nothing organised or sorted out... but the day turns into one of the best days you've ever had???
That's what is making me happy, and that's what happened last Friday.
James is heading off to the snow for 3 to 4 months at the end of this week...
So time together is very precious.
When he phoned last week and said "let's do something"...
I grabbed my car keys!!!!
First we walked down to Southbank. This time we went to the Maritime Museum end of Southbank, and I haven't been there for ages. This is the dry dock. Last January, in the floods, this dry dock flooded and there were very grave fears that the red ship at the front would float away down the Brisbane river. Can you imagine the damage that ship would have done when it hit the bridge? They had to sink it so that wouldn't happen. It has crushed it's stands underneath and that's the way it has stayed since then.
Looking down we could also see Jessica Watson's famous boat Ella's Pink Lady. It is going to be a permanent exhibit at the Museum.
James and I have free Burrito vouchers for a new restaurant opening at Southbank and we thought we would check it out and see if it was open yet. It sure was and if you ever get the chance to try a burrito from the Cactus it!!! They are delicious.
Although, I was more in love with their tables! Gorgeous tiles.
By now it was getting dark and of course.... Friday Markets!!! yeah!!!!
We then walked past the Imax theatre and decided to go to the movies....
The Hangover 2 was just starting... so 2 minutes later we were watching the movie.
Why is it so cheap at the Imax theatre?? It only costs $6.50 to go there, and double that at our nearest movie theatre. Not complaining of course.....
We were going to go to Max Brenner's for desert after the movie.... but the queue was out the door. My original post today, was actually going to be about Max Brenner. I have only just discovered this "desert restaurant"...(why hadn't anyone told me about this place before????) and I am in love with it. Earlier this month, the boys and I met up with some friends here and had the yummiest chocolate pizza's, waffles and crepes.... so good.
This place also has one of the best gift shops where they sell their fondue sets, hug mugs and glasses, plus lots of hand made chocolates and baskets, tins and boxes to put them all in.
Just look at some of their lovely handmade chocolates....
Makes a lovely gift for someone....
Anyway, as the queue was sooooooo long... James and I did some shopping in the gift shop...
I bought a hug mug for me (James already has one) and some European dark chocolate drink mix and we're off to James place to make our own hot chocolate drinks! The tube of chocolate crisps are for Jack when I get home.These hug mugs are fantastic... They keep your hands warm while you drink the hot chocolate, which keeps your insides warm!
James has written an article for an online magazine and it has just been published. I was able to read his second article that he has written and it's wonderful. He also pulled out the guitar and sung me 2 songs that he's written. He's such an inspiration, this kid. I am sure going to miss him when he goes to the snow. Thank goodness for emails, texts, facebook, telephones, skype... you get the idea!
It was hard to leave and drive the hour long drive home after having such a wonderful day (and night). Luckily I have Adele's new CD to listen to on the way. This is something else that's making me happy... have you heard her sing? She has the most amazing voice.
Enough waffling and photos...
Hope you are all having a HAPPY MONDAY!