Monday, February 28, 2011

What Makes Me Happy 28/2/2011

Without a doubt, what's making me happy today is spending time with this crazy, wonderful son of mine! James is off to China at the end of this week and we've been spending a bit of time together organising passports, tickets, money, clothing, thermal underwear (hehe), backpacks.... lots of things!!
Today was spent in the City. First we walked all the way into the city, through the Roma Street Parklands and down into City Hall. It was a gorgeous day, but very hot!
So we found Easy Way and had a nice, freezing cold mango tea with black pearls...mmmm!
Right near one of the places we had to go to was Brisbane's famous St Stephens Cathedral. I have always admired it from the outside, but never had the time or opportunity to go inside. Today we decided to have a closer look.
St Stephens Cathedral is Queenslands oldest Church and was built in 1842. It is beautiful.... inside and out!

The stained glass windows are amazing and date back to the 1880's.
I will definately have to visit again as there were many other things I would love to have seen.
While looking for a gift for a friend, James and I found this pendant with my favourite quote...
Carpe Diem (Seize the day!)
I couldn't resist, and before I knew it ... it was mine and hanging around my neck!
And of course we had to have some lunch after all that walking around the city! So it was off to Little Singapore for some yummy pork and noodles, and some curry puffs! (Just had to put this in ~ specially for you Jan!!!)
Another wonderful day, my feet are sore and it was very hot, but another WONDERFUL day. We managed to get his accounts organised for overseas, money changed over to a couple of different currencies, his drivers license renewed, as well as some "fun" stuff.
I can't believe he's off to China in a few days... I am so excited for him, and scared and worried at the same time!!!
Happy Monday to you and I hope you all had a great day as well!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A finish and a quick tutorial......

I have finished my "Disappearing 9 Patch" this week and finally got around to quilting and binding it. I am pretty sure the fabric range is Beach House by Moda and I just love the colours in this fabric range. I have made mine large enough to be a table cloth for our 4 seater dining table.

Even the backing fabric is gorgeous... which led me to a dilemma. After quilting I was left with a 7 inch strip of this beautiful fabric and just under a metre of the binding. What was I to do with it? It was too nice, not to make something....
So I made this envelope style bag. It was very quick and easy to make and now I have used up every single piece of fabric bought to make this quilt. Yep, no left overs! Nice feeling to use up all the scraps!
If you have a piece of fabric like this left over after quilting and some binding...and you want to use it up by making something similar.. then here's how you make it. I will give you the measurements I had to work with, but you could make a similar bag with just about any measurement. Just fold the fabric over and see that the folds make a balanced, size bag.
My piece was 7 inches wide by approximately 43 inches long. After folding it in half, I have cut the open end to make a point for the bag flap.
Iron a piece of iron-on pellon to one half of the shape on the inside.
Now bring the folded end up towards the point.... to a place that makes a nice size and shape bag. (Mine was 8 inches from the bottom).
Once you've done that it's time to add the binding. Turn the bag over so the folded edge is underneath. Leave a small piece of binding over at the start and bind the bag as you would a quilt.Sew on the binding, mitreing the edges.
Fold the edges of the binding up over the bag bottom and sew as in the photo.
Just like this.
Now fold them around to the other side and fold the edges in. Pin the binding down.
With some of the left over binding make a folded button-loop. You could also use a piece of ribbon for this.
Pin the loop under the binding at the middle of the bag flap.
Now sew the binding down, catching the loop as you go.
Take a couple of stitches and catch the loop at the edges at the top of the binding.
Now find a nice, antique button that fits through the loop and sew in place.
I hope that all makes sense to you!

Colourful Fridays (Yeah I's Saturday!!!)

Every week I love to check out the Colourful Fridays around blogland that Robyn of Daisy Quilts started. This week (or rather, yesterday) it was Black and White. I haven't joined in before, other than looking at everyone else's posts, but I really wanted to join in this week.
I love black and white.....
I just had to join in.
Of course my favourite black and white thing is this ball of fur (Squeaky!)
My new cushion.... I bought this with a gift voucher I received from my son's school last year. (I finally got around to spending it this week!)
Black and white photography... I just love it! I took the above photo nearly 20 years ago, of my hubby and eldest son.
This one was taken by a professional photographer of the boys when they were little.
My absolute favourite top (actually while I was looking for it to take a photo, I realised nearly all my tops are either black or white!!!)...
I wear this one to death!
And a gorgeous roll of black and white fabric my wonderful friend, Tereasa, gave me to make something (?) out of... along with my cute little black and white stork scissors and a little black bag scissor fob.
I had to stop looking for black and white things as this was a pretty easy to find challenge for me.
I am going to see what everyone else has found over at Robyns...
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

Today I thought I would get these guys out for a picnic with Melody over at "The House on the Side of the Hill."
The beauty of making bears (by hand) is that you can basically make them anywhere. They don't take up much room, or need a sewing machine... just a few needles and pins and some strong sewing thread. These 3 teddies were made when I traveled around Europe nearly 10 years ago. Each bear has something with them, or wearing something relative to the Country that they were made in. There were 4 bears, but a friend of mine fell in love with my "German" bear and he has gone to live with her.
Introducing Bentley, who was finished in London and is holding some daffodils. This daffodil brooch was being sold everywhere in London to raise funds for Cancer research. I love Bentley's mohair fur... it's called "Rod Stewart".
This little guy is Ouzo and was made in Greece (actually on the little island of Kithira where my husbands family is from). He has a Greek "eye" around his neck and it's a lucky charm.
Last, but not least, is Saffron (named after the colour of his fur he's made out of)...
Oh yes, he was made in Paris. He's so cute and has a little floppy head. He's wearing a little Eiffel Tower charm around his neck.
They are looking forward to the picnic Melody!
After a flat tyre this morning, I am off for a coffee with a lovely blogging friend, Selina... It was supposed to be morning tea, but I wasn't going anywhere until I got the tyre fixed, so we are now doing the "Afternoon Tea" thing. Maybe this time I will remember to take a photo!
Hope you are having a wonderful day...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesdays Treasures

Do you have a cupboard full of ornaments and trophies, and books and photographs, and souvenirs from holidays? In other words a cupboard full of Memories....Well I was searching through my cupboard the other day and came across this.....
This was the centerpiece of our Wedding Cake. I'd forgotten all about it and I haven't taken it out of the cupboard in a very long time. This July it will be 25 years since we were married.
The centerpiece is a beautiful, delicately hand-made glass bird bath. It has two glass doves, one on each side facing two wedding rings tied together with ribbon right in the very center. Around the base are pale pink flowers, a lucky horseshoe and a small butterfly.
It's very old fashioned (now) but I just love it. I'm so glad I kept it and put it away somewhere safe. I thought it was the perfect thing to show today in Melody's Tuesdays Treasures, but I will have to get it out again this July for our 25th Anniversary. Maybe I should make a Celebration Cake and put it on top?
Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Monday, February 21, 2011

What makes me Happy 21/2/2011

Making me happy this week, is the gorgeous country side where I live. We are very lucky here in Australia, with wide open spaces, rolling hills, beautiful trees, clear blue skies, and endless wonderful views.
Yesterday we went for a drive in the country.... not that far from home.
Jack is learning to drive, so this was a good opportunity for him to get a few hours of practice in.
We spent just over 3 hours driving through some gorgeous scenery and then stopped for some lunch at an old pub. It was a great day.
I could look at views like this for ever....
Hope you are having a wonderful, happy Monday!