Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Turtle Tuesday

I think I finally understand why everyone is in love with hexagons and why you see them popping up everywhere in Blogland. Last week Helen and I were watching our fellow stitcher, Sandi, making tiny hexagons and stitching them together. She was making Anni Downs Turtle pincushion. We decided then and there that our next Tuesday stitching day (today) we would make our turtles too and today would be known as Turtle Tuesday.
I have to say that it was a lot of fun (even though there was a bit of fiddling with the hexes at first) and very, very therapeutic. We managed to get our shells finished and now a bit of sewing of the head and feet, some stuffing, and they should be finished. I really enjoyed seeing it all come together. 
 There is nothing so wonderful as motivation and encouragement from your sewing buddies and our Stitching Get Togethers every week.

Hope you had a super day too!
Teresa x

Monday, July 30, 2012

What Makes Me Happy 30.7.12

 Making me happy this week is a new project... 
I have been looking at Rosalie Quinlan's new quilt "Scandinavian Rose" and finally made the decision to buy it. I love that it is already printed for me ... and on gorgeous white linen. I love everything Rosalie designs and I can't wait to make a start on this - After I've finished a few secret swap presents that I have to finish first.
Unfortunately everything I've been working on and sewing this month are all part of swaps or birthday presents and I have to keep under wraps still.... Not long now until I can show you them. I am in a swap that challenges you to make a bag for your partner - out of a tea towel!!! It has really made me look outside the square, but it has also made me realise just how many gorgeous tea towels are available to us.
 I am also enjoying the Olympic Games. The Opening Ceremony was wonderful and I managed to watch almost all of it - thanks to waking up early and not being able to get back to sleep.. I must have known I was meant to watch it.  I love all the events, but especially the swimming, diving, gymnastics, soccer and tennis. I love the stories that come from the games, all the courage, determination and hard work of our athletes, all the encouragement and support from us back home.. spurring them on. I love it all.
Also this week my husband and I were lucky enough to catch up with some friends of ours that we've known for  many, many years. They've been telling us of this wonderful restaurant, near Southbank and we finally made it there... I've never tried Turkish food before... and after a wonderful night at Ahmets Turkish Restaurant.. I'm hooked. The atmosphere of this place was amazing.. the colour and richness of the decor, the delicious food, wonderful service and superb entertainment.. made this such a brilliant night out.
 We had the Sultans Feast and I definitely recommend it. Four courses, from Turkish bread and dips to Turkish delight and coffee - with lots of meat dishes and salads in between. The food was amazing..... as was the entertainment....
 She belly danced her way around the entire restaurant and no one missed out on her beautiful dances and energy. It was a lot of fun... especially when a few tried to get up and dance as well as she did. The atmosphere was incredible and you can see why this restaurant has won so many awards. 
What's making you happy this Monday?
I hope you have a wonderful week...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday Photos... Photo a Day Challenge - July

Day 21 - 9 o'clock 
(Late) Breakfast!
 Day 22 - Upside down
 Day 23 - Mirror
 Day 24 - A stranger
Day 25 - Heart
 Day 26 - Sunshine
 Day 27 - On the road
Mum has got her bus back on the road today!
I can't take credit for this photo as it is one my mum sent to me today... It was just so appropriate for today's challenge.. After all the floods where she's been staying, cut roads and extra work on the cotton farm... Mum said "We are out & on bitumen."
And one extra photo....
This was a challenge sent out early this morning. It was "where you are watching the Olympics"
I was sitting on my lounge, rugged up in a quilt and enjoying it immensely. 
Let the games begin.... he he!!!
Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!!!
Teresa xx

Monday, July 23, 2012

What Makes Me Happy 23.7.12

Making me happy today is .....
old, vintage doileys! I just love them...
 Embroidered, crocheted, tatted, cross stitched... I love them all.. especially hand made ones.
 What made me think of them today was this one... 
This is very precious to me and was made by my Great Grandmother. Her crochet was exquisite and she was very well known for her beautiful 3D pansy flower edges.
Isn't it just beautiful? I remember her crocheting little lace shoes for weddings and decorative, fine bells for Christmas decorations. This particular doiley belonged to my Nanna and she used it for many, many years.
It is taking pride of place on my dressing table and I love it.
 Also making me happy is this book. It was such a great read, and I have Michelle to thank for letting me know about it. It was written by a Brisbane woman and parts of the book were set in and around Brisbane and Paddington. Love those books that have mystery and twists throughout... it was so good.
.... And ... this is my new phone case (Thanks to Vicki!!!)... Makes me so happy to look at it!
A little message from Johnny .... he makes me happy today too! 
It's so many little things... all around me .... that make me happy!
Hope you are having a very Happy Monday!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday Photos... On Saturday!!!!

Photo a day Challenge.....July.....
 Day 14 - Building
Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Brisbane.
Day 15 - Finger
Day 16 - Sign
Day 17 - My addiction 
Embroidery, making things, vintage and all things Paris!
Day 18 - A Plate
 This is the plate I had at the Japanese Restaurant I had lunch in last week.
Day 19 - Animal/insect/pet
I chose "Pet" and couldn't put in a photo of just one of the cats!! So two photos...Squeaky and Cookie...
Day 20 - Eyes
Bit artsy this one!!!!

Still enjoying this photographic challenge every day!
Have a great weekend,
Teresa xx

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Stitching with the Girls

 Finally made it to stitching with the girls today.... Unfortunately for a nuisance of a headache all I did today was chat, eat and take photos...
Mary has been away from our weekly get togethers for many weeks now (way too long!!) as she has been very unwell. Today, it was a lovely surprise to have her come for the day. This is a photo I took of her today with her dear friends quilt. Her friend is unable to finish the quilt and Mary has put it together for her, had it quilted and sewn the binding on. Isn't it just beautiful... and so special that she got to finish it for her friend. What an amazing gift she has given!
 Another photo I took today is for my photo challenge... Todays challenge was "My Addiction".
Lucky I had my sewing kit there, even though it didn't get used....
My addiction.... Embroidery, making things, vintage and all things Paris! he he....covered it all!
Last photo is thanks to Tereasa's little stack of yo-yo's... She has been making them for the past couple of weeks for a yo-yo quilt. I just love the fabrics, and colours ... it's going to be beautiful.
So nice to catch up with everyone today!

Monday, July 16, 2012

What Makes Me Happy 16.7.12

 I did start this post a couple of weeks ago, but it was put on hold when my Mum surprised me with a visit. 
So.... making me happy (a few weeks ago ... but still making me smile when I remember....) is a day in the city with my Uncle.
I met up with him in the city for lunch to celebrate his birthday. Even though it is the middle of winter here, the day was absolutely glorious. I didn't even need a jacket.
We decided to visit the new exhibition at the Brisbane Museum... "Mummy, Secrets of the Tomb". 
If you are near Brisbane and get the chance to go and see this.. I would definitely recommend it.. It was fabulous and thoroughly interesting. I just loved it. It is on for about another month... so if you're going to go... don't delay.
Now, if you've lived in and around Brisbane for the last 40 years, you may have heard of our Icon Rock 'n' Roll George. Being a Brisbane girl and living and working in and around the CBD and West End I came to see this guy on quite a few occasions. He definitely was a legend and I loved seeing him cruising around the city in his beloved old Holden. He passed away in 2009 and I wondered what would become of his legend and his car...
 There was a wonderful surprise at the Museum... They have his car on display and have made quite an interesting exhibit around it.
 The original car, in all it's glory... the hand painted number plates are also on display along with a number of gorgeous old photos of Brisbane, George and Cloudland. 
 I'm so happy ....this is where his car should be...
 Later in the evening I took a walk along Southbank and took in all the lovely sights of our beautiful city. With the final game of State of Origin coming up (remembering these photos were taken a few weeks ago) the city was turning Maroon....
The Wheel has been lit up maroon....
 ...as well as the Casino! 
Lovely to see the city going all out to support our team. It must have worked as Queensland went on to win it's 7th year in a row  (Another happy!)
Better late than never...
Hope you are all having a wonderful Happy Monday.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Photos... Photo a day challenge - July

 Day 8 - Lunch
Edamame, bean sprouts with pork and Umeshu.
Harajuku Gyoza, Fortitude Valley. 
Lunch with my brother... delicious!!!
Day 9 - Big
 Day 10 - My favourite colour
Blue, especially denim blue.
But I also love yellow... so hard to choose a favourite!!!
Day 11 - Letter
This is a letter James wrote to  me, the first time he went to work in Perisher for 3 months. 
It's very, very special to me.
 Day 12 - Texture
 Day 13 - Open

Another week of photos... I just love these challenges and looking outside the square!
Have a great weekend!
Teresa x