Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Monday Catch Up!!

 Happy Monday to you!!! (Yes I know it's now Tuesday... I had this post almost ready for yesterday, but work got in the way!!!)
I have been so busy the last few weeks... Christmas is just around the corner and I'm so NOT ready!!!! However, my Christmas banner is almost finished. All the pennants are made and have their letters on....
 I painted chipboard letters black and embossed them, plus I've edged all the rosettes with gold paint. Now all I have to do is string them together and add a few pearls on the corners and I can hang it up. We don't put up anything for Christmas here until December 1st... so I'm still on track!!!
Last months Faeries in my Garden gift of the month was this gorgeous apron pattern and fabric. As soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect for my friend, Virginia. She loves everything French and is the best macaron cook ever.
The fabric is so wonderfully French and is cooking themed. I loved the pattern too... completely lined which gives it a lovely weight and so neatly finished.
I also made a pot holder with the left over fabric and added a pocket to the back. I love this style... you can easily slide your hand in and makes it so much easier to hold hot things.

 Another, quick, easy finish this week is this cute little pattern from Marg Low.

I bought this in Sydney at the Craft show (along with lots of other unfinished things!!!) I love her designs and patterns.

Now, as this was supposed to go up yesterday on Monday... I was also adding my "What makes me happy Monday" piece. This week it is about the gorgeous book I received in the mail. Have you ever seen the videos by Matt Harding? He's also known as the "Dancing Matt" or "Where the hell is Matt?" on You Tube. He has lots of videos of himself and people from all over the world.... doing his crazy little dance. His videos just make me feel good. They make me smile and quite often laugh out loud. I just love them and the wonderful feel-good feeling I get when I watch them...
Anyway I sent away for his book and I just love it..
But even more so, I love what he wrote/drew in the front of the book...
I was so happy when I got his book and I'm really enjoy the read.
What's making you happy today???
Happy Monday...er .... Tuesday!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crossing Over to the Dark Side!

Well that's what Sandi calls it...
Today my stitching buddies swapped fabrics and sewing machines for paper and glue!!! 
And boy did we have fun!!! 
I haven't finished a thing yet, but I thought I'd show you what we started....
 It's a bunting which will spell out "Merry Christmas" and it's all done with paper. Paper rosettes, paper lace and paper flags. The rosettes were fun to make (thank goodness!). I've used lots of paper with a vintage look to them and I've distressed the edges. 
 I can't wait to finish it now... I'll have to push the sewing machine off the table and clear some space.....
Oh and we went to the local tavern for lunch afterwards!!!!
I mean, what else would you do??
Thanks for a brilliant day Helen, Trees, Sandi, Noreen, Laurel and Heather... I had so much fun!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Red and White Swap

Last Friday was the opening of my on line group Friends in Stitching latest swap. 
This swaps theme was Red & White. It was so much fun.
This is what I received from my partner Fiona...
The most gorgeous patchwork and quilted bag. So much detail and so many lovely fabrics...
I love it!
Inside... Fiona's lovely label.... and more goodies....
A red 2013 diary (perfect size for my handbag), some strawberry and cream lollies (long gone!) and the cutest little Christmas tree decoration....
How cute is it?
Thanks so much Fiona... I love what you made for me!
This is what I made for my partner Peg. It's a Christmas mail bag and is one of Tilda's designs from her book "Crafting Christmas Gifts".
Some details of the bag... 
I've wanted to make this for ages... so glad I finally got to make it for Peg.
The reindeer on the front pocket is appliqued, has "snow" painted on to it and some embroidery.
It was a lot of fun to make.
There was also a Tilda stocking in there and some red and white jelly beans (as I confessed to Peg... there were green ones in there too... but they didn't fit in with the swap theme... so I ate them!!!)
Another wonderful swap!
The next, and final one for this year, is the Christmas swap... I'd better get a move on!!!
Hope you're having a great day!
Happy Monday!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Makes Me Happy 14.11.12

 Making me happy this week is photos.... 
Photos that make me laugh... that make me smile.... that make me remember how much fun we were having at the time it was taken.... photos that let me know my kids are okay and enjoying themselves.... photos for every reason... and photos for absolutely no reason at all!!!!
 This is my youngest son Jack. This past weekend he went to the Supanova festival. The night before he and his mate decided to make Jack a costume to wear. This is his version of "Sackboy" a character from the game of the "LittleBigPlanet" series. Considering he has never sewn or made anything like this before.. I am very impressed. No pattern either!!!
When I got this photo he sent to me I actually laughed out loud! Yes, he did wear it... and yes there are a lot of people out there that have had their photo taken with him!
 This photo was sent to me from my niece and it's of my hubby and I at her wedding last month. I really like it and it's nice to have as we rarely take photos of the two of us together. You can see how much we are enjoying ourselves.
 This photo above and below were sent to me from James when he was in Japan (also last month). It's wonderful to see how much fun he's having, how beautiful the place is... and most importantly... he's loving the jacket we bought him!
 Another great photo (or rather series of photos) I just received tonight from Jack on his break at work...crazy, tired, bored, angry, upset and surprised... ha ha... he's such a goof ball!!!!
And then there's always those funny kitty photos that I seem to amass on my phone... 
Always love a good laugh... and the phone and the computer make it so easy to send them around and around....
Hope you've got lots of photos that make you happy too!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

What Makes Me Happy....

Making me happy this week is celebrating my husbands birthday!!! He hit the big 50 this year!
The best part has been celebrating with family and friends.
The day before we had a lovely lunch with friends of ours that we've been friends with for years...as long as we've been married. The food was delicious and the company fantastic. Lots of laughs and fun and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
 We also had a wonderful evening, celebrating with my husbands family. My Mother in law is a wonderful cook and dinner was amazing. Spanakopita (spinach triangles), pastitsio, Greek salad and potato salad and we finished off with rice pudding (my boys absolute favourite) and chocolate, hazelnut liqueur cheesecake (my new favourite ha ha)
It was such a great night and so much fun... especially when the youngest grandchildren taught my MIL how to dance Gangnam style.. She has a fantastic sense of humor. Too much food and too much laughing, but it was the best!!!
On the day of Mike's birthday we ended up going to the movies in the evening.. We went Gold Class... something we've never done before and it was wonderful. Will definitely be doing this again. Nice comfy recliner chairs to sit in and dessert and coffee served to our table! The movie wasn't bad either!!!
Hubby is yet to use his birthday present... a trip in a glider plane over the Sunshine coast hinterland. He will be allowed to take over the controls while he's up there, on his way gliding down to the ground. I hope he enjoys it!
I'm in a red and white swap with my online group Friends in Stitching and we have our opening night next Friday. This is my parcel winging it's way to my partner, Peg. Look out for the Postie Peg!!!
Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
Ours has started out beautifully with lots of rain overnight and still overcast and showery today. The rain has been a long time in coming and it's so needed here where I live. Being on tank water, we appreciate every drop we get and the tank has been getting very low lately... so it's so nice to see the rain and hear it flowing into the tank!!!
Have a great day!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


What a HUGE month October was for our family.....
Bridal showers, holidays to the Hunter Valley, a Wedding, a motorbike accident, a road trip with the boys, Port Macquarie, James is home, eye surgery, sister in law's heart surgery, James leaves for Japan, and lots of live shows, exhibitions and some sewing..... Phew!!!!
 Last post I was heading off to see a special Halloween screening of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". First we had dinner at Grill'd and the place looked fantastic... they had pumpkins and cobwebs everywhere. They were all dressed up as witches and vampires.. It  looked amazing.
 Then we headed off to the theatre to see the show..... It was such a brilliant, fun night. The show was totally interactive and on our way into the theatre we got our goody bag, full of party hats, streamers, rice, party poppers, glow sticks, newspaper, toast and toilet paper.. At the right time in the movie we threw rice at the wedding, covered our heads in newspaper when Janet ran through the rain, threw streamers when Frank entered the room.... you get the idea!!!! You should have seen the theatre at the end of the show! What a mess... I was still finding rice hours after the show! It was absolutely fantastic... everyone got right into it and had a ball. I can't believe I still remember every word of every song. Oh and there was dancing too!

Some people got dressed up and I thought these girls looked fantastic in their Magenta and Columbia outfits. 
So much fun and I'm so glad we found out about this (which was totally by accident!)
I just had to share!!!
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend...