Monday, December 31, 2012


Yesterdays photo challenge was "something that made you smile this year". Looking back through my photos of this year made me realise how much has happened and how much I loved these past 12 months.  My photo shows my trip to Adelaide (seeing the pandas), Jacks 18th birthday, James in Paris, my Sydney trip and meeting so many bloggers, and my nieces wedding... This is just a little snippet of so many wonderful memories, people, places and events that made the year 2012 for me. 
I've loved blogging again this year.. I've also enjoyed playing with Instagram on my phone and posting photos each day and working on photo challenges....and I've loved working on my Gratitude Journal. I started off the year wanting to complete a whole year of things I am thankful for. I wasn't sure if I could keep it up, but I did it. It ended up being something I loved to do... every day even!!!  I now have a whole 365 posts (well 366 actually as it was a leap year!!) of things I am truly grateful for.
I hope 2012 was a wonderful year for you too...
But I hope 2013 is even bigger, brighter and better!
All the best for the New Year!
“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”
―  Brad Paisley

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tuesday Stitching Group Presents

 A few weeks back, when we had our Tuesday Stitching Groups Christmas party, my computer wasn't working and I only managed a few, quick posts with my phone. These are the photos of the presents given and received on the day. 
I made the girls these wine bottle bags. It's an Anni Downes pattern and I loved making them. I love her patterns and her quirky little stitcheries. The little gingerbread man is a Tilda pattern and was a Christmas decoration I sent to my Friends in Stitching partner in our Swap.
 Each of the bags had little stitcheries on them. I've also used Anni's fabric from her Christmas range.
 Now to show you all the gorgeous presents I was lucky enough to receive. 
This is from Sandi... a gorgeous little bag with lots of cute accessories... the sweetest little Rosalie Quinlan angel, choccies, cute little case with a kitty button inside and tea.
 Sneaky Helen made this gorgeous Country Keepsakes angel for me. I made one for my partner in a swap and she knew how much I loved it. I'm so glad she made one for me!
 My new, beautiful Christmas mug from Noreen... love it!
 Laurel knows my love of lavender and spoilt me with lavender soap, lollies, and a sachet that smells divine.... oh and some chocolates!!!!
Tereasa's present is so inspiring me to start stitching...
A beautiful stitchery, yummy roll of Patisserie fabrics and a huge box of maltezers...
Lets see, I have plenty of chocolates and lollies to eat, while I'm having a cup of tea in my new mug, stitching my new stitchery which I plan to add my new gorgeous fabrics to while my beautiful angels are watching me..
How lucky am I?
So spoilt... thanks so much girls! You made this such a wonderful day!

Last Christmas Swap Present


This is the gorgeous present I opened on Christmas Day from my Friends in Stitching partner, Kylie. I love it!!! The bag, the fabric, the colours.... just me...all over!!! This has been a fantastic swap and I've loved all my gifts. But wait there was more.....
Inside the bag was a charm pack... Cinnamon Spice... and I can't wait to make something with it....
 And.... a cute little charm... Quiltaholic... so cute. Thanks so much Kylie!!!

 Now to show you what I made my partner De...
This was the main present. Two dolls (by Annie Smith of Country Keepsakes)
 A standing angel doll....
 and this little one is a hanging angel...
 Their faces are painted and stitched and I love the little accessories...tea stained, embroidered tags, rusty bells and berries.
I did plan to make one for myself as I think they are so cute.... but of course that didn't happen... Luckily for me, my wonderful friend Helen made me a standing angel for Christmas. She knows me so well!!!
Isn't she lovely? Thanks Helen... you're such a wonderful friend!
Hope you've had a lovely weekend.... 
The year is almost over....
Can you believe it???

Friday, December 28, 2012

Boxing Day

 Christmas always lasts for 2 days for us as we spend Boxing Day each year with my family. I love this day!!! My brother lives interstate and my sister is also a good 2 hours drive away from me, so when we all get the same time off to get together, it's wonderful. 
My niece made the gingerbread house and I was the lucky one who got to take it home!

Haylee and Loklan being as cute as ever.
 My Mum (who is too far away to fly home this year) is missing us all terribly, so my brother, sister and I had a photo taken to send to her. Out of so many photos, this one was the only one we liked enough to send!!!
 All the kids, missing one of my sisters boys (but we did get to see him for a few minutes) and my James. My boys and my sisters kids have their photo taken together every Christmas. It's wonderful to see them grow up via the photos in the Christmas album.
 Me and my dad! I am very lucky.... I  have the best dad in the world.
 My gorgeous niece Maddi.... love her to pieces xx

I just love this photo of Haylee dancing around, catching bubbles. 
We had the best day and it was hard to leave my Dads place (as always). 
I love spending time with my family.... so much fun, so many laughs and so many wonderful memories. 
I hope you all got to spend time with the people you love too. 

P.S. Just wanted to add a few photos of some of the wonderful presents I received for Christmas this year....
 These are from my Mum... she always sends me beautiful things and she knows exactly what I love. Now I have a Christmas thimble to add to my collection. A wonderful old lavender bottle with "Paris" engraved into it and a sweet little French notebook.
 Such thoughtful gifts from my Jack. Bryce Courtenay's last book before he sadly passed away earlier this year. A wonderful set of coffee mugs and yummy scented soaps that look and smell good enough to eat. They are now in my drawer and making everything smell divine.
And of course..... my absolutely gorgeous kimono from James.... which he is proudly displaying for me via skype!!! Cannot wait to see him and this beautiful silk kimono!!!! 
I am one very spoilt and one very lucky girl!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day

We had a lovely Christmas Day with my husbands family. It was a very hot day, so when my sister in law found a teeny little water pistol in her Bon Bon she started squirting everyone. Jack then retrieved the water pistol he got for Christmas from his car - and then it was on!!! I think the game was a little one-sided! The younger kids got into the act and it wasn't long before everyone ( even Grandma) was wet. It was a LOT of fun.
Nothing like sharing the day with family.
A definite highlight of the day was skypeing James in England on my phone. We were able to pass the phone around to all the family and talk to him (& see him)
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
Teresa x


Picking grapes among the Christmas decorations

The gorgeous photo Mum sent me on Christmas Day of her and Frankie!!
Miles apart, but we still managed to share the day together!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve and Christmas Wishes!

Last night I made the rumballs, apricot balls and Tim Tam balls... The eggs and bacon are cooked for the Caesar salad and the presents are all wrapped and ready to go....
 The Christmas lights last night were the best! This house was amazing and Santa was even there (wearing shorts - an Australian type dress standard was the go!!)
 Couldn't believe my eyes - we even found an Eiffel Tower all lit up!!! Pretty!!!
 Today Jack and his girlfriend are on their way on a bit of a road trip to see her family for Christmas Eve. They will be back home tomorrow lunch time. With James away in London this year, this will be the first Christmas without the boys .... going to be very quiet around here tomorrow morning!!!
Jack wanted to wear the Christmas shirt I made a few years ago... I think it looks good on him ha ha!!
I am off to work this afternoon  and my shift finishes at midnight! Lucky I don't have to race home and assemble kids bikes or trampolines like we used to.....
Hope you all have a lovely, stress free Christmas Eve!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!
Take care,

Christmas Swap

 This is the final swap for 2012 in my online group, Friends in Stitching. I love the Christmas Swap... it's so much fun and this year has been no exception. We have 5 small gifts to open leading up to the big one on Christmas Day. This really helps build up the excitement!!! My secret santa partner is Kylie and she has sent me the most wonderful gifts..Just look at how my parcel arrived... It was full of gifts and lots of chocolate Santas and candy canes!!! mmmmmmm
Each little present was very specific... this is the first one I opened... "for the tree". How cute is this Christmas tree decoration. Love the fabric and it went straight on to the tree.
Day 2 - This one was "for the tummy". Kylie was very clever and sent me this great little pack of Christmas recipe cards. I just love it... what a brilliant idea (note there are still some chocolate Santas left....)
 Day 3 - "for fun"..... cute little notepad and gorgeous bookmark and magnet. I'm loving my presents so much!!!
 Day 4 - "for the hands"... This is such a gorgeous little pincushion. Beautifully made with a patchwork top and on the back.....
Is a sweet little pocket for your scissors. I love it!!!
Day 5 - "for the table".... I am thrilled to bits with my new Christmas mug... and it was wrapped in the gorgeous Christmas-colours tea towel. I am being spoilt rotten!
Tomorrow we open the big one... I can't wait.
Thank you so much Kylie... I absolutely love everything you have given me!
This has been so much fun!
One more sleep!!!! Can you believe it???