Thursday, October 31, 2013

My days off....

My "weekend" falls in the middle of the week and I usually try and cram as much into those couple of days as I can. Having both boys home this week was an added bonus. It also means LOTS of cooking! The first night was my all time favourite Fettucine Mona Lisa (which I helped with for a change!). 
How gorgeous is this sweet little deer which James got for me. I love it! 
It was also Halloween so there was heaps of Halloween fun going on. (My feet!!!!, Jack and Tori, James and my Moscato! And some "treats!!). 
Who else was putting a zip into an abominable snowman outfit??? 
Breakfast ...... Pancakes, lemon juice and sugar ..... Yummmm!!
I actually found time to finally finish my little hippo!!! 
After discovering we now have a Super Butcher close to home.. We bought ourselves some very nice-priced, delicious porterhouse steaks. They also sell the best ever mushroom sauce (Berenberg). So lunch on the second day was a big hit!!! 
As always, it was a lot of fun having us all home together. Lots of laughing, mucking around, music, cooking and eating and catching up. 
Both boys are growing their mo's for Movember!!! Terrible! Ha ha!!!! Can't wait (already) until they shave them off!!!! 
Phew!!! I'm exhausted and I've got to go back to work. 
I'll be back with some more pics of my hippo and some other sewing .....
Have a great day!!!
Teresa xx

BOO!!!! Happy Halloween!!!

I think my toenails need clipping!!!
Happy Halloween!
Even though we don't celebrate Halloween here in Australia, it's all a bit of fun and a pretty good excuse to stock up on chocolates and "treats" ....just in case!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stitching at the Laundromat

Today's stitching was a little different as we changed the location to....
The new local laundromat.  Sandi and I have 3 raggy edge quilts between us that needed washing and drying and raggy edge defining!!! We have a new laundromat in town and decided to "meet" and stitch there while sending our quilts 'round and 'round!!
I've discovered we can have fun ANYWHERE!!!
Can you see the reflection of Sandi in the dryer? Yep - taking a photo too! Lots of laughing as usual! 
So from this........
To this...... Three lovely, fluffy, raggy edged quilts ready to snuggle under!!! 
Of course the day also included some retail therapy in another new shop that has opened here (some Christmas goodies, French "had to have" goodies, etc etc) AND we had lunch at the Coffee Club!
Early finish today as we had severe weather and storm warnings. 
We ended up with a great downpour, but unfortunately not enough rain!!!! Better than nothing though - and no severe storm or hail or damage. 
Another fun day and only a little bit of stitching!!! But my quilt is now well and truly finished!!!! 
Hope you have had a great Tuesday too!!!
Teresa xx

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Saturday.

How is your weekend going? It's beautiful weather here, but we really, really need rain!!! If we don't get some this week our tank will run out - the joys of being on tank water!!! 
I just had to show you this gorgeous set of nesting tins I got from Officeworks. It is perfect for my paper piecing. I have 3 types on the go - half inch hexies, elongated hexies and clam shells. These tins are perfect for the papers, templates and finished hexies. And so pretty too! 
I have finished off another two zippy pouches for friends and another one for me.....(couldn't resist!)
Just love this fabric. 
Last night I came home from work to find Jack had baked some delicious red velvet cupcakes. They were just what I needed for afternoon tea .... Mmmmm! He's such a good boy! 
Now I'm off to work BUT I would much rather stay home and finish off this cute little multi coloured hippo I'm in the middle of sewing. It's another one of Jodie's (Ric raC) gorgeous patterns. I don't want to stop ha ha!!!
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and enjoying doing something you love!!! 
Teresa xx

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sanctuary Cove Day Out

It's always a great day when friends get together to celebrate a birthday. 
Especially when you stop in at the Brisbane Antique Centre on the way......
Pick up some lovely Kokeshi dolls and gorgeous G and J Meakin blue willow dishes....
Find the sweetest little teacup and saucer...
Then have a delicious lunch of grilled haloumi and capsicum, followed by chicken Palermo and mango at the wonderful George's restaurant at Sanctuary Cove....
With wonderful friends that make you laugh and have fun all day! 
I had so much fun! (Me, Leona, Barbara and Gail) 
And happy birthday Barbara! (With Buster - the cutest pooch!). 
Oh! And this is the present I made for her birthday .... A zippy pouch! I love these!!
Hope you're having a great week!
Enjoy your weekend!
Teresa xx

Sunday, October 20, 2013

52 Week Scrap Challenge

Week 12/52
Foundation pieced pincushions. These were so much fun I couldn't stop at one!!! 
Another great little project - thanks Anorina!  If you want to join in the challenge you will find the details HERE on the wonderful  Samelia's Mum Blog. It's a lot of fun!
Wouldn't they make lovely little lavender sachets???? Hmmmm......
Teresa xx

Happy, Happy Mail

Last week I was extremely fortunate to have 2 lovely parcels sent to me. I wasn't expecting either one of them so they were complete surprises - of the most wonderful kind!
My first parcel was from my Mum who has just come back from a holiday around Tasmania. She always sees things she knows I would love and surprising me with lovely gifts for no reason. 
On her travels she found this cuter than cute kewpie doll from the amazing shop Reliquaire in Latrobe. And I have another (gorgeous) thimble to add to my collection. Isn't it sweet?
The card is from the Victoria Markets in Melbourne and is so beautiful. I've never seen a handmade pop-up card so intricate.
I just love it. Thanks Mum for my bundle of goodies. I get so excited when I see a parcel or letter from my Mum. I can't open them fast enough!!!
The other parcel I received is from my wonderful friend, Virginia, who has just come home from a holiday in .... Wait for it.... PARIS!!!!!
It was brimming with all sorts of French loveliness. Virginia picked up bits and pieces along the way that she thought I would be able to use in my sewing and crafting. I am so lucky.
Inside was the most gorgeous vintage linen,  embroidered and made into a sweet pocket. It is from a shop called Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelles (which translates into Arsenic and Old Lace). The shop sources French vintage linens and laces. It's beautiful. France is well known for its gorgeous ctoss stitching and I now have this lovely little cross stitch of an almond macaron and it comes with perfume scented threads!!!
Beautiful French fabric (Michael Miller and very French Provincial!) Also some matching fabric squares. The fabrics feel so fine with a very high thread count. 
Last, but not least, these two beautiful buttons. I have been very spoilt. It was fun reading all the cards and instructions and trying to translate everything so I could understand it all and soak up all the French loveliness. I can't believe Virginia went to the trouble of picking out all these gifts for me, when she should have been enjoying her holiday in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I feel like I was there again, every time I look at all these beautiful things. Can't wait to start that cross stitch..... 
Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness - you have no idea how happy you made me!!! 
There is nothing quite like a parcel in the mail - a surprise of the nicest kind. 
Hope you are all enjoying the last bit of your weekend!!!
Teresa xx

Friday, October 18, 2013


Just had to make this cute little pumpkin pincushion in time for Halloween. 
I found the picture HERE and then made up my own pattern and played around with it until this little guy was made. There are clear instructions on the link to make one for yourself though. Theirs  is made with felt but I didn't have orange felt so fabric it is. 
I think mine is too happy though. Maybe I should have made mine a bit scary with jagged teeth!!! What do you think? BOO!
On a much sadder note... I haven't been able to turn the TV off all day... watching the devastating fires in NSW. My heart goes out to the families who have lost their loved one, their homes and everything.
The Firies are absolute heroes and I have so much admiration for what they do, selflessly, even as their own homes are under threat at times. I hope there is an end to this quickly and no more lives and homes are lost. 
Teresa xx

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair

Today was a wonderful day - not only for the quilt fair - but for an excuse to have a big blogging friends catch up. So that's what we did!!!
Sandi and I went together but we met up with lots of friends. 
Val, me, Tatyana, Sandi, Marilyn and Noela and (standing) Lynda, Susan, Michelle and Fiona. It was wonderful yo see you all today - definitely the highlight of the fair. 
Michelle and Fiona - I love this pic of you two!
I thought Sandi and I were all shopped out after yesterday's exploits - but I was mistaken. We did quite well actually!!! I can't wait to play with my clam shells and extended hexies. I have become very fond of this hand stitching and piecing. Lots of fabric fell in my bag too! And Natalie's book "In My Garden". 
This is Natalie Birds stall and it was gorgeous. She has a new book out (that most of us bought today!) with this lovely quilt and bag amongst other lovelies to make in it. 
Sandi and I were quick to source the prairie cloth used to make the bag and it has now been bumped up to number 1 on my To Do List!!!
Thanks Natalie!!!
I stocked up on lots of beautiful lace, rose linen fabrics, gorgeous vintage things from Miss Rose Sister Violet (I cannot walk past this stall!), a sweet floral tin and the cutest rabbit scissors. 
How lovely are these rose fabric fat 1/4s folded into roses? Such a great way to buy them. 
Another beauty from Miss Rose Sister Violets stall. A very dainty crochet tea cup and saucer that holds a tea light candle and behind that is some floral linen and a lace lavender sachet. 
Lunch was good too! Of course! 
Now I am absolutely exhausted and after I make some (very quick and easy) pizzas for the family - I will be in my pajamas and heading to bed. No doubt to dream about what a wonderful day I had and all the things I can't wait to make!!!
It was really wonderful to catch up with so many blogging friends today!
Hope you are having a super week - although not as exhausting as this one has been I hope!!!
Teresa xx