Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Early Birthday Celebrations

I don't usually tell anyone it's my birthday... maybe because it's a big one this year things are a little different. In fact in the past I try very hard for the day to slip by with very minimal fuss and if no one remembers, then even better. I am always very glad when the day has been and gone and life continues on. Well I think this year it might go a little different. Yes it's a big one this year and yes I am actually celebrating it this year and have even made plans for the day....something I very rarely do. Due to it starting today and the fact I'm going to Adelaide after my birthday... then seeing my brother for his birthday later in the month and celebrating some more... I think this birthday is going to go on for awhile yet.....
Tereasa and her beautiful teapot birthday present
One lovely thing about my birthday is that it is the same day as my gorgeous buddy (another Tereasa!). The girls in our stitching group always make a big deal of our day and today was definitely no exception.
How good is (was) our birthday cake? It was a Black Forest and absolutely delicious.It even had a special message with both our names on it... even the right spelling!!!
The food was delicious... zucchini slices, cheese platter, retro hedgehogs and even fairy bread!!! You guys really outdid yourselves today.. It all looked and tasted amazing.
The girls gave me this gorgeous "french" wall clock... I am so in love with it.
And these beautiful ceramic coasters. Just beautiful. 
I had such a lovely day with the girls and they went to a lot of trouble to make this day very special and it definitely was.
 I was so thrilled with the clock that as soon as I got home I rearranged my whole wall and had the clock up within 10 minutes of being home. It is in the perfect spot and I just love it.
  Thank you for a wonderful day and making it very special.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Brissy Blog Meet

Yesterday I had a lovely day catching up with some blogging friends. Thank you Maree for this photo of all of us.....except you managed to not be in it!!!
 We met for lunch at the Cafe on the Park, Shorncliffe and it was lovely and the food was delicious.
 Lots of show and tell to get to... Sandi with her gorgeous Button Head doll and Lynette Anderson quilt.
 Marilyn and her gorgeous quilt in Bliss fabrics... the camera isn't doing the colours justice in this photo.
 Helen and her Faeries in my Garden quilt.....
 The ever De-lightful De and her pinwheel quilt....
 Susan and Maria with their portraits they had made.....
Noela and her hand felted scarf she received in a swap.....
A trio of turtles.....
It was a great day... I even managed to purchase some gorgeous Cottage Garden threads...eat the most delicious passion fruit slice.... and start some stitching (well if start means "get it out of the bag"... then I started it ha ha!!)
 Yes.... we had a lot of fun. There are more photos to be seen on Noelas and Susans blogs .....
 Always great to catch up with friends and have a lovely day together. 
Thanks for organising the day Maree xx
 And even though I ate very well at the Cafe.... I had an exquisite dinner with my boys last night as well. 
We decided to have a Mexican night and it was delicious. I made Chili Con Carne and James made some spicy guacamole and salsa. It was easily the most delicious burritos I've ever had.
Top day and night!
 Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

February's Stitch Along Challenge & Some Other Finishes

This months project for the Stitch-A-Long is Natalie Birds True Friends tote bag. I bought these fabrics in January when I went to L'ucellos in Melbourne and I really wanted to use them for this bag.
The original bag is in redwork and I didn't have quite enough different fabrics, but with a bit of adjusting I managed to make my bag. I'm really happy with it... and being in blue... I will use it so much more.
I even managed to use the tape I bought instead of using ric rac down the sides of the front. The pockets on the front of the bag are perfect for your phone and keys. I also put an extra pocket inside.... you can never have too many pockets!
Back of the bag.
With the little bit of fabric I had left over I made a small zippered purse. Not a single piece of fabric was wasted which is a great feeling!
I am so happy with this bag and  it's such a great, roomy size too. My gorgeous friend Marina (who was with me when I bought the fabric) has called it my "Melbourne" bag and every time I use it I will remember how much fun we had together in Melbourne.
I have also been making some teeny tiny hexies and getting quite addicted. I made about 30 of them last night while watching the telly!!!
Not long to go now until I head off to Adelaide for our Lets Get Stitched retreat. Dawn sent us all a little kit to make these brooches. We're to wear them at the airport so we can easily spot each other. Another bit of fun sewing!!! Getting quite excited about this trip now as it's getting closer and closer.
Hope you've been able to do something you love this week as well!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Lots of hearts are around me lately. It must be Valentines Day!
I have finished Rosalie Quinlans "Hope, Love and Friendship" stitchery - and I love it. I bought some border fabric for it today and then I will be able to frame it.
The necklace came in the mail a couple of days ago and it says "L'amour vainc tout" which means "Love conquers all". So lovely and so French!
The heart quilt is the one currently on my bed and one I made quite a few years back. I made it in a workshop with the delightful Yan Pring and it was one of the most crazy and fun quilting workshops I have ever done.
Lastly is a potholder I made this week from a great little tutorial over on a Spoonful of Sugars blog (www.aspoonfulofsugardesigns.com/). I am always in need of new potholders and this one is very handy with the openings in the back for your hands.
Hope you are surrounded by lots of hearts, and more importantly, lots of love today!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesdays Treasures

 I am playing along with Melody today and adding to her Tuesday Treasures list. 
My treasures today are my boys. I have both of them home today... James has been away for 14 months overseas and yesterday afternoon we picked him up from the airport and he's home to stay (well for awhile at least!)
It's wonderful to have them both home and the whole family back together.
Family is so important to me and I consider these two to be my greatest treasures of all time!
Have a great day!
Thanks Melody!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Huge Week

This year has started so fast and things just seem to be speeding up. There is a lot going on and there are so many things coming up. I think this is going to be a huge year for my family.
Last week my youngest son started his TAFE course. He's doing music and loving it - just what you want to hear. He's also finished his 100 hours driving this week and can finally go for his P plates. It feels like he's crammed a whole year in just one week.
On Monday we are picking my eldest son up from the airport after being overseas and away from home for 14 months. So excited and cannot wait to see him. Hopefully he will be home for the rest of this year. Well that's the plan at the moment.....
As well there is the retreat to Adelaide coming up, a BIG birthday soon, and even the possibility of a career change - no time to rest that's for sure!
My eyes are getting better every day and I've even managed up do some stitching. I'm thrilled to bits!!!
I'll leave you with what we are having for dessert tonight. I can't go past fresh raspberries!!!
Hope you are having a great weekend!
Teresa xx


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gifts and Purchases in Melbourne

There has been so much going on since I was in Melbourne... horror fires in our Southern States and now tornadoes, rain and flooding here and up north. It hasn't been a great start to the year for so many people. Also I have been out of action with having another round of eye surgery. It's getting better and the pain has almost gone (thankfully)... but I am still struggling with being able to see.
So if there are spelling mistakes... or the photos are blurry.... I will fix them up when I can see them properly!
I wanted to share some of the photos I took while I was in Melbourne of the gorgeous, wonderful shop L'uccello and some purchases.... and also some of the lovely gifts I received from my blogging buddies...
L'Ucello is just full of everything I love and I think I could walk around the shop all day and still see things I'd missed.
So many beautiful, colourful things.....
So many beautiful, vintage things....
 Even these wonderful Japanese Kokeshi 
dolls and lots of books...
 Unfortunately (or maybe that should be fortunately) I was pretty limited as to how much I could take back home on the plane with me... so I was very good with my spending. I bought these gorgeous fat quarters. The reds I have already used on a sewing kit for the Tasmanian Fire victims. The blues I'm using right now on Natalie Birds Tote bag out of her latest book. I also got this cute little box of shell buttons, some tapes and a gorgeous vintage card. There were sooooo many more things I would have loved to take out of the store....
 I was also very, very spoilt with the lovely blogging friends I was able to catch up with while I was in Melbourne. Jan lives in Ballarat and her gifts are to remind me of that beautiful place with all it's lovely old architecture and grand churches. The fabric covered book is just beautiful and the card is locally made. The fabric they're all lying on is what it was wrapped in... yes I was pretty darn happy!!! Thank you so much Jan ... I love my gifts so much.
 The day of going to L'uccello I met up with Marina and I received another beautiful gift. I love the frame with it's gorgeous photo... but I was absolutely over the moon with the pincushion Marina made me. I've seen these on her blog before and I can't believe I actually own one of these now. I love it. Thank you so much. You girls really know how to spoil a person!!!
 I'm still unable to drive, so I missed my stitching day with the girls today....
Very frustrating with the blurry vision and all... but it really makes me appreciate my sight and what I do have. I can't wait to get back into the stitching, and reading, and watching TV, and driving......
Hope you are all having a lovely day and doing something you love!!!