Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I've spent a lovely morning sharing a cuppa and a MaltEaster bunny with stitching friends all over Australia. Vicki had the great idea of us all sharing at the same time of the day. It was a LOT of fun especially when Facebook went a little nuts there for awhile.

I've also completed another month of photos and there are so many birthday and chocolate photos in this selection.

Happy Easter and I hope it's a safe one!
Teresa xx

Friday, March 29, 2013

Today - Good Friday

 I have finally finished my first project from the Adelaide Retreat. This is Fee's Project Bag. I am in love with this fabric range "Sunkissed" and the colours. Not my usual choice at all, but so lovely and fresh.
 I had this perfectly matched ribbon already at home... just waiting for the perfect project.
My youngest sent me this photo yesterday and it really made me laugh, as it reminded me of the photo of him and Santa at Christmas... Never too old to have your pic taken with the Easter Bunny! ha ha... love it!
Chocolate anyone? 
I've been hiding these for a while now so there would be some left for Easter!!!
Looking forward to having everyone home for dinner tonight.
Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Easter!

Last Birthday Photos

 My birthday certainly lasted for a long time this year... in fact the whole month of March was a huge celebration for me. I even received a birthday card just yesterday from my Uncle ... with a letter of apology from Australia Post.. I've never got one of those before!
I received so many beautiful presents and I wanted to put up a few (more) photos so I can look back and remember this birthday as the special birthday it was for me. 
Presents from gorgeous friends like Virginia (above). How cute is that bag? and those macaron cards? ... there is a definite theme running through these presents...
 and my lovely friend Michelle....who also knows me very, very well!
More from lovely Marilyn (I was thrilled to bits to receive one of her wonderful project folders!)
And my Mum always sends such beautiful things.. and makes the most amazing cards!
 Even in Adelaide I was very lucky to receive these gorgeous presents from Narelle, Joy, Wendy and De.. Such beautiful fabrics and sewing holders and French inspired goodies. So very spoilt!
These lovely presents were from my birthday partner, Leanne,  in my online group Friends in Stitching. I love the colours and fabrics!
 My wonderful assortment of books from my boys. I loved "The Perks of being a Wallflower:" and read it in two days. I love receiving books!
Last week I was lucky to have both of my boys home and we had a super day together. Who knew fish and chips and steak sandwiches in the park with lovely views of the river could be so special. It really is the simple things that mean the most and make the best memories to savour for ever!
Thank you to all my lovely family and friends who made this birthday so special and made me feel very loved!
Teresa xx


 Last week my brother was up from Melbourne and staying at Noosa for a week. Our birthdays are 10 years apart, so he was also celebrating a "big" birthday this year. (I much prefer his to mine!!!)
Anyway.... he invited us up and took us out to dinner for my birthday. 
How very, very special.
The place we stayed at was AMAZING... the views incredible and so close to everything. I just had to take this photo of me enjoying the spa on the verandah with a glass of pink moscato and enjoying the scenery. The views go from the mountains in the hinterland all the way to the beach, sand and surf. It's really beautiful.
 My wonderful brother and sister in law took us out to a fantastic Italian restaurant for dinner and it was very swish! The food incredible... and can you believe it? I have no photo to show of my dinner! I know... I know...
 We walked to dinner and this is one of the trees at the end of the street. Just love fairy lights!
 The following day we did a wonderful bush walk through the National Park out to the "Boiling Pot". How cool is it to do a bush walk, but with views of the ocean along the way? Simply beautiful place.
 I had a wonderful couple of days and made even more special by spending it with these two generous, thoughtful people. Thanks so much guys! I had a ball!!!
This birthday just keeps going on and on and on....

Monday, March 18, 2013

March Stitch-A-Long Project

 I have finished this months project in Chookys Stitch-A-Long. It is Anni Downs little pincushion from her book "Some Kind of Wonderful". I love it! Very cute and lots of fun to make. 
I did a bit of fussy cutting for the teeny tiny squares on the top.
What are you stitching today????

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Catching Up on the Last Day of Adelaide

On my last day of the Adelaide retreat I met up with my Mum. I was so excited to see her as it's been awhile! She's been staying in a town that is about a 5 hour drive outside of Adelaide and made the long drive to Adelaide with her partner, Frank, to see me before I headed back home.
What a great day we had! We made the most of every minute. 
First we headed back up to Hahndorf and spent some more time up there. We drove through the Adelaide Hills and saw just how beautiful this place is. 
 It was very hot on that last day (just over 38 degrees) and when we spotted the chocolate shop with it's sign stating how lovely and cold it was inside... we couldn't resist!!! Very good idea!! Delicious!
One of the gorgeous little historical towns we drove through was Oakbank - I want to go back there again when I have more time to see everything. It was really beautiful.
 We also drove to Mt Lofty and visited the Lookout and Flinders Memorial. Look at that sky - no filters on this photo... it was such a beautiful day.
The views were amazing (this is my attempt at using the panorama thingy on my camera - Thanks Wendy for showing me I had this on my phone!!!)
We had the best day and it was wonderful to spend the day with Mum and Frank and be taken out for lunch and spoilt rotten as they always do for me. I was very lucky to get the chance to catch up with them... and so far from home!!!
 My last photo of the trip and lucky for me I had Joy take it as she was sitting near the window on our trip home. I got to share the trip with Joy and Marilyn which was lovely. 
What a wonderful 4 days.... and what a great way to end it. 
I can't wait to do it all again next year!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let's Get Stitched Goody Bags

Our goody bags we received at the retreat in Adelaide were very special. Not only did they have all the patterns and starter kits for the 6 projects our lovely designers were giving us, but they had lots of other great things too.
Missing from the photos are the chocolates and lollies (yep eaten them!) the bottle of wine (it was moscato too!) and the scissors.
My favourite gift was the mug rugs. We all managed to get everyone's signatures and messages written on the back. What a lovely memento to treasure from this wonderful weekend away. I love mine!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Adelaide Part 3

Sunday on our Let's Get Stitched Retreat in Adelaide was our Stitching Day. We were all very excited and this is what we were greeted with.... Goody bags on the tables and they were filled to the brim with patterns and starter packs, lollies, jams, fabrics, a cute pair of scissors and even a bottle of wine for each of us. It was like Christmas!!
 The projects were from our 4 nutters (Dawn, Fee, Vicki and Joy) and 2 surprise designers, Wendy and Judy (my cabin Mum).  An amazing array of gorgeous projects. (Can you also see the 4 large jars at the back of the projects? They were full of licorice allsorts, marshmallows, raspberries and mints!! - for sustenance of course).
 Joy showed us all a new way of doing needle turn applique and as you can see we were all VERY interested.
Working away at our projects... I see Larissa, Christine, Dawn, Fee, De, Michele and Marilyn (and Lucky and the two Vickis in the background)
Proof I did actually do some work on the day! This is my start on Fee's beautiful Project Folder. I didn't just laugh, chat, eat, laugh, take photos, see what everyone else was doing, laugh, check out the projects, laugh, learn Joy's needleturn...yeah and laugh!
 I have so many photos of all the wonderful people who came together in Adelaide. This one is of Vicki, Wendy, Fee and my room buddy Narelle....
The gorgeous, hardworking, tireless, generous "Nutters" who put this all together... Joy, Fee, Dawn and Vicki. I can't thank you enough for this weekend.
 This picture is from the night before when all of us went out for dinner at the Watermark near Glenelg. Great night!
And these are my cabin buddies. What a wonderful group of ladies. Before this weekend I hadn't met any of them before, but after 5 minutes I felt that I'd known them forever. We were certainly a mixture from all over Australia....Vicki from New South Wales, Larissa from the Northern Territory, Judy from South Australia, me from Queensland and Narelle from far North Queensland. I was so lucky to get this cabin and share the weekend with these wonderful girls... and also to have Judy (who we fondly called "Nanny") as our Cabin monitor. She certainly looked after us and kept us under control... well she tried to anyway!!!.They really made this a FUN weekend.
Thank you to everyone who made this weekend so special. All the "Nutters" and the Adelaide girls who looked after us, taxied us to and from airports, dinners, shopping, the wonderful stitching day, the projects, the goody bags, the pizza night and games fun, the hysterical laughing and giggles, the trip to Hahndorf and Patchwork and quilting shops we visited, the generous gifts and prizes and presents, all those wonderful birthday presents that kept my birthday rolling for another week, the late night chats, the early morning chats, the visit to Woolworths (the yo yo biscuits and fritz!), the cow ears, the bunny ears, the roundabouts (I'm still laughing about corrupting Judy!), catching up with old friends and making new friends, all the work and planning that went into making this the best retreat ever!!! 
Can't wait to do it all again next year!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Adelaide Part 2

We had an absolutely wonderful day yesterday. Off to some amazing quilt shops including Hettie's Patch - which will never be the same again after our tornado went through it.
We also visited the gorgeous town of Hahndorf and I have fallen in love with the place. We had a delicious lunch and then strolled through the town, visiting the wonderful shops including the Hahndorf Bakery - just amazing. Some more fabric shops on the way back and just when we thought we couldn't go another step - we had pizza and games night. I have never laughed so much and had so much fun. I have heaps of photos - so many I can't share ha ha!!!! I've been told "what happens in Adelaide stays in Adelaide"
Another fun day today shopping and lunch and we are dressing up and going out for dinner tonight.
I am having a wonderful time - met so many friends I haven't seen for ages and also made many new friends. It's been amazing. My room buddy, Narelle, has led me astray on many occasions and I'm loving it!!!
Will hopefully be allowed to show you some of last nights photos! ... Maybe!!!
Teresa xx