Friday, February 28, 2014


Charms and More Sewing

This months tiny quilted charm has arrived and been added to my bracelet. 
It's a crazy patchwork charm and I have made the 6 inch block as well. 
My three charms so far....
And my three blocks. Thank you Julie (Me and My Stitches) - I just love these tiny little works of art!! 
Yesterday I was able to fit in some more sewing time. 
I made another zippy pouch (this one for my mum). These are the most handy project bags. I can't get enough of them and it's all thanks to the gorgeous Mariilyn and her wonderful tutorial HERE. It's great being able to see inside with the clear plastic on the front, and the zip makes it all very secure. 
Now I thought I'd show this photo of some exciting parcels waiting for me to open. I am being extremely good (out of character!!!) and have not peeked, shaken or squeezed any of them!!! Roll on Monday I say ..... I can only wait so long!!!
Now this also arrived for me and thankfully it was from my mum and she "allowed" me to open this early (thanks mum!!). There was the most beautiful card full of beautiful words. There was also this cute glasses case made in a fabulous owl fabric. Inside was money for me to spend in Melbourne next week. I am so lucky and I have the most thoughtful, wonderful mum. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
When I'm in Melbourne I am hoping to catch up with her there as she will be about a 3 hour drive away. I can't wait!!! This is going to be an amazing trip as I will be catching up with so many blogging friends, lots of friends I haven't seen since Adelaide last year and then I'll be seeing my brother and sister-in-law for a few days and my Mum and Frank. Talk about a friend/family overload!!!! 
I best get ready and at least pack something for this trip!!! 
Hope you're ready for a great weekend!
Teresa xx

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Little Houses, Gossiping and a Finish

A while back I saw on the lovely Marina's blog these cute little house blocks. I've always loved these blocks and it inspired me to have a go. You only have to look at Marina's gorgeous Blog header to see how wonderful they are!! She has made so many! 
She also got me onto this amazing stamp made by Jaenneke to help make the process a LOT easier. You can see lots more of these cute little houses in quilts and all about the stamps HERE.
. I thought I'd start off with one house to see how I'd go (that's the little one at the top of this post)...
They are very addictive.... I hope I can find the time to make some more .... I am really enjoying the process!!!! The house parts fit onto a charm square perfectly and you can get two window and door sections on the one charm. But the beauty of them being so small is that my scrap basket is going to come in handy as well. They don't take much fabric to make.
 I am also making Hatched and Patched's latest quilt "Gossip in the Garden". I love Anni Downs patterns and this quilt is so quirky and cute. I've decided to do it in reproduction prints. This means I can add lots of my fabrics I already have into the quilt and it will go with what I already have. I was tempted to do it in 30's fabrics... but that would mean having to buy all the fabric needed.
These top two photos are some of the fabrics I've started with and this.....
.... is the first block. I am going to try and keep up with the girls in my Sunday Stitchers group who have decided to do this quilt as well. We've decided on this block to start us off and it is the largest block (of course!!!).
Yesterday with the Tuesday Girls I finished this little stitchery and then went home and finished it completely...
It is Gail Pan's cute little red cottage pincushion.
I loved making this!
While with the girls on Tuesday, Sandi had some show and tell. Isn't this Christmas quilt simply gorgeous???? I love it ... love the colours and fabrics.... and love the cute appliques... Clever girl!!! Think I'll put my name on the back of this quilt... ha ha...
So after all that sewing yesterday and into the night.... what was I still doing at 3 am this morning??? Yep I was still awake and watching my crazy son Jack make this gorgeous cake.... Isn't he clever??? This is what happens when you work nights!!!! Your days become nights and your nights become days!!! It's madness! 
Just love this.... I think it sums me up perfectly!!!!!
Hope you're having a great day!!!!
Teresa xx

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Family Day at my in-laws. A little get together before my niece and her husband go to live overseas in Texas.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Warwick (part 3)

If you're still with me ..... And I certainly understand if you're not .... These memories and photographs are for me when I'm old and grey and can't remember anything!!!! ....There was more happening on day 3.....
We had a lovely visitor today!!! The gorgeous Fiona came and spent the day with us. 
We ended up back in Warwick to our favourite shop/cafe Bryson's and had a lovely morning tea. Fiona and Michelle. 
Tatyana and Norreen. 
Jenny and Helen. 
Sandi and me! 
Michelle and Jenny. 
A bit more shopping was done and a walk around Warwick. 
Love the Town Hall! 
When Fiona left she gave us a game to play that evening. I can't remember what it was called but it should be called "how to lose all your friends instantly". Ha ha - we had so much fun - the aim was to open a present (and wonderful presents they were!!) and try not to have it stolen from you. It was pretty crazy and funny and even a bit naughty when someone didn't want to give up their gift!!!
Thanks so much Fiona for the fun you gave us - we are thinking of playing this game every retreat now. 
After the game Tatyana went through some amazing postcards, photos, letters and scrapbooks that Tess (Tereasa) has. They are all very old and in Russian. It was so much fun and so interesting as she read and explained so much of it to us. We sat around the table stitching and listening. It was like stepping back in time    and being in a story. Loved it. 
I did get some sewing down but most of it is for a swap and can't be shown just yet. It was great to get it finished. 
I also finished off a zippy pouch for a friend and made a mug rug. The flag block was from a quilt we made for a friend in the Friends in Stitching group I am in. I loved the block and thought it would make a great placemat or mug rug. 
What a great day. I was really ready for bed after all this fun and was pretty sad we were all going home the next morning. 
Today - last day at Warwick. 
A few photos of the roses ....
Thank you to all the lovely friends that helped make this a wonderful 4 days in Warwick. I had so much fun and loved being with you all. Can't wait to do this again!!!! When I've caught up on my sleep maybe!!! 
Teresa xx

Warwick (part 2)

The second day of retreat we woke up after a very heavy rainfall and everything was fresh and clean and green and beautiful! 
Today was very special as our lovely Tatyana is having a baby and we decided to throw her a baby shower!!! 
Beautiful place to have a party too! 
Pretty cups and saucers and lots of yummy food....
The gorgeous mum-to-be! 
After the party it was back to sewing and stitching.  
I just have to show you the lovely gifts we all received as well. Michelle spoilt us with a goody bag full of everything you need for a stitching afternoon with a friend. Gorgeous friendship cushion pattern, quilt labels, tea, coffee and chocolate! How lovely!!!
Sandi was also very naughty and surprised us with this sweet "blue" bag of goodies. The sweet little wrapped present is full of teeny blue buttons. So gorgeous and lovely. 
These little cuties also found their way home with me from Michele. I just couldn't resist them - they are adorable. 
I did do some sewing today! After deciding on the reproduction fabrics for my next big project "Gossip in the Garden" I spent the rest of the time achieving this....
 I have my first block ready to stitch. It is the largest block in the quilt too! I'm really happy with the fabrics.
I also made these two pouches from a pattern I got from the Glenrose shop. Just loved the fabric that Sandi chose and the cute zips. 
Sorry about all the photos but there was so much going on, so many things to photograph and remember. 
Another great day! 
Teresa xx