Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Tuesday Stitching

Stitching with the Tuesday girls today saw me finally finish this stitchery. 
This is from one of the projects by Libby Richardson that we received at the Stitchers Dream Day Out in Toowoomba. There was a lot of work in this and I was pleased to get it done. 
Sandi and I decided to walk to Helen's house today as we are trying to be good and healthy. It's been a gorgeous day, but it did warm up and the walk back in the afternoon was very, very warm.   Nice views though! 
Helen had a brilliant idea to use our cameo stitchery on the front of a Cottage Garden thread folder instead of a journal cover (the original project). I loved this idea so I decided to do the same.
I've still used the fabrics from the original project but inside is now full of pockets. They're just the right size for the threads. 
I'm really happy with the end result. The folder sits really nicely when full of threads. 
Wow one more finish for September!!! 
I've been chatting to my boy in NZ a few times today. It seems the adventure is heading in a new direction. Tomorrow morning he flies to Melbourne (so close!!!!) then off to New Delhi!!! Maybe for 3 months!!! I'm not surprised! But boy am I missing him! 
Hope you're having a great week. 
Teresa xx 

Monday, September 29, 2014

This Months Finishes

Ive been very slack this month with posting my sewing finishes... so this post is a little photo-heavy!
In no particular order... these are some of the projects I completed this month. Firstly I've been busy making baby girl presents. There's been a bit of a boom of baby girls with family and friends. I love these cute bibs.
I've made them before for a baby boy, but this time I got to pretty them up....
Made even more special was seeing little Dasha (Tatyana's gorgeous bub) in one of them!
I've also been making newborn baby girl beanies. They're pretty cute with the ears!
A couple of zippered pouches to go with the Nevermore bag I made for my mum.
I'm using up that gorgeous sewing themed fabric to make a whole collection of sewing accessories. So to go along with the zippered pencil case and bin, I have now made a scissor holder.
Such a great pattern as it holds 3 pairs of scissors in varying sizes. This will be very handy for retreats!
And a large A4 size zippered pouch with the clear vinyl on the front. These are great for your projects and it's from one of the great tutorials on Marilyn's blog.
To go with that I've made a needlecase. I've used the clear vinyl again to make a see-through pocket inside. It holds packets of needles as well as a felt needle keeper. 
Love this fabric so much and it's great for all these accessories.
Last little bits of this fabric were used in my teeny tiny zippered box pouch.
It's tiny, but big enough for some coins and lip balm or my keys. I will get some clips for the keyring so it can be clipped onto any bag and make it even more handy. 
I've also been working on Wendy's Let's Start Christmas Stitch Along. These are the first 4 blocks...
This is block 5 with just one more block to go. Love the Christmas fabric (in the background) that I'm going to use to put them all together.
I've also been doing some secret sewing.... here's a sneak peek!
On top of that I've been keeping up with my Gossip in the Garden quilt and I'll do another post with photos of how that is coming along.
Have a great week!
Teresa xx

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Quick Birthday Present

Today I wanted to make a birthday present for one of my friends at work. I decided on a mug rug as I got her a gorgeous mug and thought a mug rug would finish off the present nicely. A few days ago I found this free tutorial on pinterest for a tea cup block and I thought this would make a great rug. 
I've added some strips to the side, some "hot steam" quilting to the top and quilted the whole piece before binding it.
I'm very happy with how it turned out!

Have a great week!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Brisbane Festival

had a wonderful day in the city yesterday, soaking up all the fun and excitement of the Brisbane Festival. 
Found my first pink bunny at Southbank!
I spent the day with my youngest boy and my uncle. First we went to one of the best shows I've ever seen by an amazing group called Circa. Their show was called "The Physical Impossibility of Disappearing". 
It was showing in the incredible wooden Spiegeltent "Magic Mirrors". I learned the Spiegeltent was built in the 1800's, it took 17 crates to get it here and it's the first time it's been in Australia. Inside is so beautiful.
At the top of all the wooden panels are stained glass windows, so inside the colours coming through the glass were incredible.
This is the fabric ceiling. 
Photography of the performance wasn't allowed, but these pics are from Circa's FB site and are of yesterday's show. 
It was just breathtaking and if you get the chance to see this troupe, it is definitely worth going! 
Of course we didn't miss the chance to do a quick walk around the art gallery as well. 
This artwork looked like a solid hanging piece, but when you got close to it, it went through the wall. 
Just love our art gallery, our Southbank, the festival and all the amazing things going on in our city right now. 
Oh I found another couple of bunnies at the Treasury Casino too! 
Have s great day! 
Teresa xx

P.S. They used my comment....
PPS I got two new charms for my bracelet while I was in the city too. 
A camera (self explanatory!) and the cutest little NZ kiwi (for my tennis/holiday trip there and the time my boys have spent there). 
PPPS That evening we went to the Norman Hotel for dinner. We found Jack'a name on the Honour roll. It's from the night of his 18th birthday when he ate the 1kg steak dinner! 
Pretty cool! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Shenanigans

Today stitching was out at Norreens house, which means a lovely drive out with lovely views along the way! 
Norreen attempted to get her blog up and running (again!!!!) with the "help" from Helen. Ha ha - never a dull moment with these two!!!! 
I worked on this weeks "Let's Start Christmas" stitchery by the gorgeous Wendy. 
Another great day with wonderful friends. 
On the way home I did a little "pretty" shopping and scored some bargains. A cushion for my sewing chair, 2 very pretty coffee cups and a great frame for a very special photo.
Jack brought this photo home for me from his trip to New Zealand. It's of both my boys just before they went on the Shotover Jet. I love it and it will fit in well with all my other shabby chic white frames with all my family photographs. 
Hope you're having a great week! 
Teresa xx

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday Stitching

I had another lovely day yesterday with the ladies in this group.  I planned on getting lots of stitching done.....
But I didn't quite finish this weeks Christmas stitchery. 
However, there were lots of distractions today including one very cute, wonderful distraction.....
Our lovely friend Tatyana came for a visit with her gorgeous 3 month old Daria. She is such a cutie and was sooo good. 
She walked into a room full of laughing, noisy ladies and never cried or uttered a peep. Lots of cuddles and pass-the-baby and she took it all in. It was really good to see you Tatyana and little Daria. 
Lots of yummy food as always, but we were also very good! 
Maree has put all her "Gossip in the Garden" blocks together. It looks fantastic and I can't wait to get mine together now. I love this quilt! 
Sandi and I, photo taken by the lovely Norreen
Another great day with wonderful friends! Thanks again Maree for all the organising and work you do to make these days so much fun for us. 
Have a great week!
Teresa xx
(P.S. In case you're worried, I did ask Tatyana if it was okay to post pictures of little Daria)

For yesterday's get-together I made roasted capsicum dip. It was delicious and super easy. Here's the recipe if you want to try it. 

Roasted Capsicum Dip
300g red capsicum
cooking spray
250g low fat cottage cheese
30g semi-sundried tomatoes diced

To roast capsicum, cut into large slices, removing core and seeds. Coat slices with cooking spray and place under griller. Grill both sides until browned. Skin side will blister. Allow to cool then peel outside skin from capsicum and throw skin away. In a food processor (or use a stick blender as I did) beat cottage cheese until very smooth. Add capsicum and tomatoes and blend into mixture. Keep refrigerated.