Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Museum of Brisbane

In our gorgeous City Hall is a wonderful little museum. They have a wide range of  interesting exhibits that changes all the time ..... and is free!!!! I love going to the Museum of Brisbane and today I saw two wonderful exhibitions.
The first was "The View from Here". Such amazing old photos taken in and around Brisbane.
So interesting and so many recognizable places and icons in the photos. Like the old Brisbane Windmill. 
This is it today. 
And this one of the old Victoria bridge. 
This is the Victoria bridge abutment and memorial that still stands today. I really enjoyed the history and the memories of these incredible photos. 
The second exhibition we saw was the Costumes from the Golden Era of Hollywood. This was fabulous.  
I loved seeing the costumes up close as well as the photos and movies of the actors wearing the actual costumes. Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball, Fred Astaire, Julie Andrews, Ava Gardner, Debbie Retnolds and so many more.  
This is really worth seeing and it's still on until the end of May. 
I can't go into the city on a Wednesday without a visit to the wonderful food markets in front of the casino. My loot was for dinner tonight.....
Homemade rosemary and olive bread, fresh chicken ravioli and creamy mushroom sauce. It was absolutely delicious!!!!  
Love trips into the city! 
Teresa xx

PS while I was at the museum with my uncle, my boys were catching up for lunch in the city and sent me this photo....

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunday Stitchers April Meet.

Another lovely day stitching and catching up with this wonderful group of ladies.
Lots of stitching getting done today! Very industrious! 
How quick and clever is Cheryl, crocheting her scarf from start to finish today? Looks lovely! 
Maree working on her Trip Around the World quilt. 
And Marilyn working on hers. We are ready for the next part of this quilt challenge. 
The birthday girls this month are Norreen, and Marilyn (and missing Sandi).  
Fat 1/4 fabric cupcakes for the birthday girls from me. 
Today I worked on my new Gail Pan stitchery and I'm loving this new project.  
It's called "Vintage Sewing Collage".
Another lovely day. I so enjoy these once-a-month catch ups with all the girls. 
Teresa xx 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Anzac Day

Lest we forget. 

I had the most amazing wonderful Anzac Day this year with my family. I have wanted to go into Brisbane city and watch my dad march for the last few years and this year I made sure I got there.
Being the 100 year anniversary of the Gallipoli landing this year, the March and the people attending was the largest ever in history.
To say it was wonderful and emotional is an understatement. 
My dad knew my mum and Frank were there but he had no idea that my sister, my boys and myself were going to be there and the look on his face when he saw us in the crowd will stay with me forever. I am so proud of him.
Jack managed to get the photo of the day. I absolutely love this photo and capturing the smile on my dads face.
The March was so large this year it went for 3 hours. Truly inspiring. So much admiration and respect for all these incredible people. 
After the March and after Dad had a few drinks with his mates we all caught up for lunch. 
Love this photo of him taking to James while we were there. 
It was pretty special! 
Thanks for this photo mum! xx
The fantastic day continued with a catch up back at my eldest boys place and a game or two of tennis. 
Not often I get a good action shot like this! 
Jack and Tori and I caught the train home very late in the day and then Jack and I had a lovely dinner on the way home.   
I really have this gorgeous kid to thank for getting us up and off to the parade today. I'm so glad we did and we were able to share this day with the rest of the family. 
Best day in a long time! 
Teresa xx

PS A couple more photos from today.....
The blanket of poppies at Federation Square, Melbourne. 
Me and my sis. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Peace on Earth

Had a lovely day today with my wonderful friend Leona. It's always a great day when I get to spend the day with her. 
I managed to pin my Peace on Earth quilt  today and it's finally ready to quilt. It's taken a very long time and I have no excuse!!!! Just a simple square in a square quilt but I adore this fabric range.
Hopefully it won't take me as long to quilt and bind it! 
Thanks for a lovely day my friend. 
Teresa xx 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Bag Challenge

I found a great project challenge on Instagram. I've been following Leasa from  Project Leasa for ages and have been keeping up with her "Sew my Stash" challenges since the beginning of the year. This challenge is a bag challenge - right up my alley!!!! I love making bags and have a few on my "To Do" list and plenty of fabric in my stash to use. 
Challenge accepted. 
I am thrilled to say the challenge inspired me to make a bag with a pattern I bought at last year's craft show from Studio Mio. I love this bag as it's a little different to any other bag I've made.
The hardware alone is incredible. If has a metal frame that allows the bag to open right up and is inserted at the top of the bag.
It also has leather handles that are attached with brass rose rivets and a lace zipper. I've made mine with a gorgeous printed linen and a striped fabric that I've also had since last year's craft show. 
Ta Daa! I just love it! So happy to cross another project off my list and finally make this bag. 
Teresa xx

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Stitching with a Difference

This week's get together was a different day for sure. It started off with a road trip.... East Coast Fabrics were having a sale so we headed over there first. I needed backing and wadding for a couple of quilts and that was exactly what was on sale. Wonderful! 
Two lots of 240cm wide backing at $12 a metre and pure citton wadding for $15 a metre. Happy happy! 
Then for something entirely different we went to the Daisy Hill Koala Centre. So lovely there. This little girl is a permanent resident and wont be released back into the wild unfortunately. She was doing what all koalas are good at...sleeping! 
Had a quick walk up to the top of the lookout....
Then we were off again. 
Another fabric shop and more bargains. Love a bargain, especially when it feeds my sewing habit! 
We then went back to Helen's and I sewed until much later than we usually stay!!! My wreath is so close to having all it's holly leaves. I can't wait to put the decorations on! 
When I finally arrived home I was thrilled to see some very happy mail in my mailbox. Lori Holt's "Farm Girl Vintage" book and Amy Sinibaldi's "Sweetly Stitched Handmades" book. Doing the happy dance!!!
What a great day. Thanks girls for another fabulous Tuesday!!!!
Teresa x