Saturday, January 31, 2015


What a great month! 

Friday, January 30, 2015

A more relaxing day.....

After yesterdays crazy day and mad dash to the Gold Coast... today was a little more normal. I love the photo Clare put up on facebook after yesterdays adventure....

Today I spent some time in my favourite cafe.... Love this place, love the atmosphere and I love the food.

How cool is this kid? If you've ever watched "How I met your mother" you would know about the character Barney Stinson... He is super cool and always wears suits... even to bed. You can now actually buy one of his suit pyjamas ... yep that's what they're called.... and Jack has got himself a set...Way too cool....

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Not What I Thought I'd Be DoingToday

I had one of those days today that had its own agenda and It's own plan.
After getting up extremely early to see my  son off this morning I planned to go back to sleep. Well that didn't happen so I decided to tea stain some beautiful laces I have for an upcoming project. That's what you do when you put on the kettle for a cuppa isn't it? 
I managed to get them all on the line to dry and at this stage I was still in my pyjamas. Then I got a phone call....
My lovely neighbour was at the Gold Coast airport waiting to board a plane to Japan ....... Without her passport. 
I literally threw some clothes on, got her passport and headed to the coast. Google map said it would take an hour and 25 minutes to get there and the plane boarded in an hour and 5 minutes. It was one very stressful car ride! 
When I drove up to departures she was there, running to the car. The look on her face was priceless! 
I am super pleased to say the airline held the plane as I was on my way to get there and she boarded with 3 minutes to spare before the plane taxied off. What a huge relief!
Well I was on the Gold Coast.... so I thought I'd better go and at least look at the water... and the sand... and it was a beautiful day!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Some Sewing and Socialising

Today I did a little bit of sewing while waiting to see if I was able to catch up with my (traveling around Oz) mum and (traveling around the world) son. 
I had some "help" working on my Trip Around the World quilt. This is our Sunday Stitchers challenge quilt for 2015 and is stitched by hand. 
I managed 2 more "trips". I'm enjoying this! 
I also made one of Lori Holts design boards. This has been on my "To Do" list for ages. Very handy and I think another square one is on the cards. 
The boys and I had a beer and ping pong catch up at Archive in West End after James finished work. Love this pub with its quirky interior, comfy lounges and book shelves brimming with books and unusual bits and pieces. 
Best of all, we got together for dinner with Mum and Frank. Great little restaurant, Quan Thanh in West End, serves Vietnamese, Chinese and Malaysian meals from 2 combined restaurants. The food is wonderful, the service is impeccable and the prices are really good. 
So many great dishes to try and share. 
This was sooooo sizzling good! 
So hard to get a serious photo of my boys these days!!! 
Finished a fabulous day off with chai tea and baklava (thanks Mum it was delicious!).  Had so much fun and enjoyed every second being with these special people in my life. 
Hope you're having a great week! 
Teresa xx 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Stitching Part 3

Another fabulous day with the girls today. Although it was a bit different to a normal Tuesday. Helen decided to help Norreen set up her blog (ahhh yet again!) while Sandi and I sewed the next little decorations for our Christmas wreath. 
It started off quite nicely and normal like ..... 
But then the enormity of Norreens blogging problems and lack of technological expertise got the better of Helen. Unfortunately Sandi and I were absolutely no help at all - actually we lost the plot with giggles and childish behavior today for some reason. I think our drinks were spiked! 
However.... We did keep on sewing and listening to the others talk about passwords and emails and "I've never heard of that before" and "I've no idea what that means". You get the idea. 
So today's finish is not one.... but two! ....little Christmas gifts for our wreath. 
Aren't they cute? 
Candy canes are next on the list! That is if Helen and Norreen catch up from today's effort. 
Apart from all the craziness, we still had heaps of fun! 
Hope you had a great day too! 
Teresa xx

PS Later tonight while watching the tennis I finished off these two mugrugs.

Australia Day Sewing

I spent most of my Australia Day holiday doing what I love .... sewing! 
I meant to catch up on things that HAD to be finished ..... but I got a little distracted! 
One of the challenges I set myself this year was joining Whipstitchers "Sewing Bucket List" of things to sew in 2015. Number 1 was "something for the sewing room". I made a great little tool caddy which I will get around to blogging about before too long!!! The second item on the list was "something for HIM". I knew exactly what I wanted to make and I had this great mustache fabric in my stash which was perfect. Another challenge this year is to try and use my fabric stash first. 
Boxer shorts for the boys ... Well first I wanted to make a pair for my husband as he's always worn ones I've made. I have a great pattern I've had for years and I've lost track of how many shorts I've made. The pattern is from size 4 years to XXL - so it's been versatile! 
Then I decided to make a pair for my eldest son to add to his birthday present stack. I added a nifty little mustache bag to put them in. 
I couldn't make for them and leave the youngest son out
He got a pair too! 
I also made a couple of little spool blocks and turned them into mug rugs. 
Just have the binding to do to finish them off. 
A lot of secret sewing was done today too. I can only show you a sneak peek for now. I love these fabrics.
It's been a very hot, humid Australia Day for us today. No air con meant for a very sticky, sweaty day of sewing. I hope you had a great day and managed to stay cooler than I did. We finished off the day with a very "Aussie" dinner. Nice and quick and tasty but it also meant I got back into the sewing quicker! 
Hope you had a great day! 
Teresa xx 

Monday, January 26, 2015

A bit of sewing....

A little bit of secret sewing.... A little six inch cup block....

I love the way this little name badge turned out... It's for my partner at this years Lets Get Stitched to wear on the bus trip day.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lunch at the Bullfrog Cafe

What a great name for a restaurant ha ha!!! Look at that sky! 
Today we caught up with some lovely friends at Manly. 
The day was perfect. Blue skies and perfect weather (still hot but no sign of the rain we've been having).
A few photos from the William Gunn Jetty where the restaurant sits over the water. 
My lunch was fantastic and oh so delicious! 
Our lovely friends John and Lyne. 
And us!!! 
We strolled around the jetty, around the markets and along the shore. Just beautiful. 
Always great to catch up with friends and enjoy a long chat, some laughs and delicious food in beautiful surroundings. 
Hope you're enjoying your Sunday too! 
Teresa xx 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mini Quilt Swap

 One of the swaps I joined late last year was the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap. #makeaquiltmakeafriend 
 I received my little quilt (and lots of goodies) yesterday from Tarra, all the way from Canada. 
I just love what Tarra has made for me. The colours and fabrics and quilting is perfect. 
I was totally spoilt! 
Gorgeous fabrics, in my favourite colours and fabric ranges, great little sticky notes,  sweet cherry lip balm, a gorgeous tin "T" which is already hanging up on the wall and some yummy coffee, crispy chocolate. Perfect! Everything has been chosen so carefully and so perfectly me!!!! I just love my parcel of goodies. 
The quilt is the perfect size for my little fold out table. I'm wrapped! 
Just had to show you the sticky notes ... "While you were down the rabbit hole...." How cute! 
Thank you so much Tarra for your generous and lovely swap parcel. 
As soon as I'm sure my partner has received her quilt, I will show you what I made in this swap. This has been a lot of fun.  
Teresa xx