Monday, August 31, 2015

Sunday Stitchers - August

We had a lovely visitor to our monthly get together this month. Maria from "Life on the Block" blog came for the day. 
Lots of Show and Tell today! I just love the centre blocks of "Natures Journey" the girls are working on. Jeanette, Maria, Lynda and Susan. 
Such clever ladies. 
Still working on my Trip Around the World but getting distracted by food along the way!
Lovely group photo for Maria. 
Teresa xx


Catching Up......

I have been very slack with blogging over the past couple of weeks. It has been full on - not much sewing, but lots of great food and catching up with friends and family. First it was my dads birthday so we celebrated with brunch at Bramble Place in Sandgate. The food and atmosphere was wonderful. Company was pretty wonderful too! 
I also visited the new water park at Springfield which opens next week. It's going to be amazing when it's finished. It reminds me very much of Southbank. I already love the mexican restaurant there and had my favourite meal again while staring at the lovely view!   
There was a little bit of sewing. I made a few cushion covers for Tori. My husband brought home some lovely linen pieces in lots of different colours and they were perfect for the cushions. 
When I finished Tori wanted a sewing lesson to make a couple all by herself. 
She did a great job and made 2 covers herself in a dark charcoal colour. They are going to look great together on her lounge. 
More food....late night pancakes while helping Jack study for his biology exam. I'm so glad it's him and not me doing biology!!!! 
Then another delicious lunch with Tori at the local cafe. 
Then my mums birthday .... Lots of phone calls, messages and Mail going back and forth as she is in Alice Springs at the moment. 
Then my gorgeous nieces birthday and more cake!!!! 
This night turned into a great family get together! 
Teresa x

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Catching up with Tatyana today and her gorgeous little girl, Dasha. I think she likes her Tilda doll.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Baby Love

My niece who, now lives in the U.S., is visiting for a few weeks here in Australia. We got to see her and her gorgeous baby boy for a few hours last week. It was wonderful. I finally got a cuddle and it was pure joy! 
He is the sweetest little guy and I loved the cuddles and especially loved the long chat with my niece.
Precious time and  precious memories. 
Hubs getting a few cuddles in too! 
PS Photos out at Miles....

Wednesday Catch Up

Wednesday catch up with friends started off on a high with Gails homemade scones! 
We always eat well on these days together. 
Tori came today as well and got some special "pug love"!
Buster looking cute as he always does!
Lunch was another feast with delicious salad and warm bread rolls and......
Barbara's wonderful shepherds pie. Yum!!! I did get some stitching done too! Not much that's for sure! 
Hope you're having a great week!
Teresa xx

Monday, August 17, 2015

Right Now.....

I'm crafting....
Making little mason jar pincushions. I'm using one of my favourite fabric ranges "Pure". The jars themselves are lovely and can be used to store pins or other sewing bits and pieces.
I'm reading......
Bryce Courtenay's last book before he passed away. It's a fabulous read and I definitely recommend it. 
I'm listening to....
Cannot wait to see these guys live at the end of the year!!!! 
I'm watching.....
After watching all the "Game of Thrones" series I can't settle on just one show, but I am loving these 3 .... "Orange is the New Black", "Breaking Bad" and "True Detective" (which I'm watching with Jack).
I'm loving.....
My first piece of beautiful Greengate. 
A sweet floral bowl and spoon. My breakfast definitely tastes better in this!!!! 
I'm cooking.....
Lots of yummy baked veges. I'm using oil infused with olives, garlic and chilli to cook them in and it tastes delicious!! 
There's also been a few batches of these caramel cookies ..... They never last long! 
What are you up to? Right now???? 
Teresa xx

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Another lovely day at Leona's today. A cuppa and caramel cookie for morning tea. 
Love this biscuit recipe! 
How gorgeous is her hexie quilt? 
Waiting patiently for their treats! 
Homemade pizza for lunch! Yummy! 
Even the doors are gorgeous in this house! 
Good food, stitching, great company -what more could you ask for? 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Stitching and a Finish

It was a very foggy morning on the way to stitching today.
There's a school there in the background!!! Somewhere! 
We were at Norreens house today and Sandi spoilt us with butterfly cakes and chocolate profiteroles. She's so good to us! 
As per usual Nor is having blog problems and the ever-patient-Helen is fixing it all (again!!!) Love watching these two when Nor has a problem!!! Is that mean????
Today I finally finished my little Tilda doll. The pattern is by Åse Stokmo who I've met through Facebook in the Tilda Lovers Club. She's from My Tilda, Norway, and designs very cute doll and toy patterns. 
She was a lot of fun to make and I have made her for a friends daughter. Hope she likes her! 
Soooo cute!
Tonight I've made a batch of yummy caramel cookies. The house smells divine and it's hard not to eat them all right now! 
Hope you've had a lovely Tuesday too!!!
Teresa xx