Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Beginning

So proud of my youngest boy who started uni today. Hope it's the beginning of something great, encourages his passion for teaching and gives him wonderful new opportunities. 
I got to spend the day with this rat bag who has destroyed his new bed (which he still lies in believe it or not!). Awwwww but he's still gorgeous! 
And I did some painting.....
before it got way too hot. 
It was all joy and wagging tails when Jack got home! 
Have a great week!
Teresa xx
Oh! forgot there was a bit of Christmas stitching going on yesterday too! 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Gail Pan Workshop

This past weekend was Gail Pan's workshop organized by Maree of Wandoo Lane. It was fantastic!!! 
Our lovely kit for the first day. 
The tables were set up beautifully with bags of "sustenance" at the ready! 
Our appliqué kit for day one is for a mini quilt of cute baskets. Needleturn has never been something I've enjoyed doing and I've quite often changed to blanket stitch to get out of it. BUT I have to say after giving it a go using Gail's method, I actually enjoyed stitching my first basket.
It's a little wonky but I can live with it. I had fun and that's the most important thing. 
Once again the room looked amazing and it's a lovely place for a workshop. 
I did buy some of Gail's new range. So cute! 
It was really wonderful to finally meet Gail. She could not have been more helpful or lovely. So glad I got to spend the day with you!!! 
There is always yummy food and plenty of it.
Learning the technique with lots of helpful tips. 
Thanks for the photo Maree! So glad we took this pic of all of us as Lynda and I couldn't make it to the second day (damn you work!!!) 
I'm very glad I got the second days kit even though I couldn't be there. It is simply gorgeous. Gail's pattern is a cute Christmas stitchery/collage. Preprinted (bonus!) and with all the trimmings. Inside the cute little tin are the buttons, ribbons, cottage garden threads and sweet little chenille ric rac used in the kit. I absolutely adore the little bag it all came in though. Maree has really spoilt us with a cute little bag with Liberty hexies! Sigh!!!!! 
So even though I wasn't there on Sunday I kept in touch with the girls and saw the photos popping up. 
What a great workshop. Thank you so much to Gail for visiting us and giving us two gorgeous patterns, her knowledge and especially her friendship. A huge thank you to Maree for organizing all this for us to enjoy and for all the little extras that make these days so special. 
Top weekend!!!! 
Teresa xx 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Last one.....

Just a few more photos of the gorgeous retreat that is Glenrose.
Another wonderful week with these girls. Thanks for all the fun, laughs, late nights, help, support, encouragement and best of all, friendship. No wonder I look forward to these trips so much. 
Teresa xx
A couple of sweet little purchases on the way home.....


Warwick 3

More stitching......
I've worked on my Postcards from Paris quilt and this block was an absolute pain. I was always unhappy with this block and I wish I'd taken a "before" photo for comparison. I've changed the border, had to unpick all the appliqué and basically redo the whole block. When I came back from lunch I got the best surprise to find Susan had finished all the unpicking of the appliqué for me. How lovely is that? 
We had another trip into town for morning tea and some retail therapy. 
Canning Town fabrics is another lovely shop to visit. 
The lovely Susan who is getting fabric to finish this quilt.....
It's gorgeous. 
We have all made the first block in the Splendid Sampler quilt. Can you guess who has made each block ....and who made two? 
Helen's hidden star quilt. 
Noela and her table runner. 
Drumroll please.....
Well actually, my Paris quilt is still not finished as there is one more border to add. BUT it is finally together. What a mammoth task this has been! 
Teresa xx
PS Late night stitching, putting the binder on my hexie quilt. 
Jenny, me, Helen and De (thanks for the pic De!) 

Warwick 2

Day 2 and there is lots of progress in the sewing room. Susan's Natalie Bird blocks   
My heart block in the Splendid Sampler quilt.
I've decided to use these gorgeous fabrics in this quilt. 
Helens Japanese quilt. 
I've finished some small projects... Paris tote bag, travel/laundry bag, and two projects I have to keep secret for a little longer. 
Sandi's cute little bag. 
My lunch today was amazing. We took a trip into town to the Garden Cafe where the food is always great. Garlic prawn and mango. 
Back into the stitching....Noela and her table runner. 
I finished my Vintage Kitchen mini quilt by Jenny of Elephantz.  
Jenny's zippy pouches. 
Noreen's gorgeous zipper bag. 
De's quilt. 
It's huge!!!
 De also made these cute as monkeys. Just love them! 
Busy and productive!